September Fashion Haul | Lovisa, Lowry's Farm, Bugis

Hi guys! So I got a ton of pieces this month, I think summer is a period where my shopping hormones rage, as well as my appetite sadly. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything online this month, I stopped by Bugis Village this month, a place that I haven't step foot in for about a year. It is definitely a wallet friendly shopping heaven galore, everything is super cheap and I found so many great pieces for  less than 20 bucks. So I would totally recommend check BugisV out if you are new to Singapore.

I am obsessed with maxi dresses lately, maybe I have been stalking London Fashion Week too much, hmm. Anywhozzles I got 3 dresses this month, first piece is a 2pc grey maxi, it was S$15 from BugisV 3rd Level and don't be fooled by the price, it has amazing quality.

And it has a story behind it, I was watching Gag Concert one day, a Korean entertainment show, and saw this gorgeous dress this lady was wearing and surprise surprise, a miracle happened and I found it for 15 bucks a week later. I had a mini spazz attack then.

From Lowry's Farm, I got a printed tee-shirt dress made of really soft chiffon material. The length is on the shorter side so it doesn't look like a pajama dress. I have been looking for chiffon tee-shirt dresses for ages and this is perfectly what I imagined. I can wear it as a top or on its own. Also featured in my outfit post here. It was S$39.90.

I also got a very sheer yellow maxi dress, great for beach dates, outings just chilling in general during those hot summer days. The quality is amaze-balls again for the low price and it fits me so well. With a belt, a small crossbody bag and a beach hat, anyone can be the belle of the ball. S$18 from NaNaRoom, Bugis Level 1.

2 basic tops also from BugisV, left is a black,white plait top and the right one is a simple stripe tee-shirt. Both are made from polyester material so they are very breezy and lightweight. Left was S$10 and the right one was S$15.

Everyone needs basics whichever country you live in, and I find it legit hard to find good basics that lasts many washes. I found a cute crop top that fits perfectly on me, not too short or long, randomly at a shop in Jurong Point for S$10. And from BugisV some shop on Level 2, I got a basic white tank top to wear as a underdress for sheer dresses. Also 10 bucks. The quality feels very nice so hopefully I will get more wear out of them.

Palazzo pants are one of those late 60s - early 70s trend that has been brought back from the past adding a modern touch to it. I love the white and navy stripes, they really pop and they look nice flowy from afar.

 I love everything with waistband, especially on lazy days where you don't want to dress up, waistband shorts are the comfiest bottoms to wear. And I am so in love with cobalt blue-everything especially matched with white, it brightens up even gloomy mondays.

From Lovisa I got this amazing, unique necklace made from bronze horse pendants. This is definitely one of my best buys this month! It was on sale for S$9. Check out here to see more close-ups.

I adore collar necklaces, and this totally fits my bill. It looks amazing with the hair up in a bun, matched with a plain oversized tee to glam out the look. Or even over a dress to look even more sassy. Reduced to S$15 from original S$50.

A necklace made from pastel blue glass beads, intertwined with silver metal wire. I bought this for a pastel themed party a month ago and I absolutely love how it looks with basic dresses. Also S$15 from Lovisa. Check out here to see more close-ups.

I don't have a ton of clutches, mainly because I love big bags. I am the girl who carries a Doraemon pocket with me everywhere I go, from chocolates to bookmarks, I can just pull them right out of my bag. I finally found a good size clutch for my needs, it is a yellow clutch from Lowry's Farm. I feel that it can be doubled up as a laptop case but there is not much cushion for protection. The clutch looks mustard in the pictures, but in real life it looks more true yellow. Reduced from S$72.90 to S$34.90.

That is all guys! Let me know which pieces are your favourite and I will see you in my next post! I believe that most items are still in stores so check them out if you are interested. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions or feel free to email me at Cheers!


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