Watson’s Sale: La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

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Hey Hey! Following my Thermal Water craze, I went to Watsons the other day and saw that La Roche Posay’s Thermal Spring Water is having a sale! Originally the 300ml bottle cost SGD$20.95 each but now, it is buy one get one free! 

I’ve read reviews on Makeupalley that the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water is very similar to the Avene Thermal Spring Water and it is cheaper so I highly recommend you guys to check it out before the promotion is over.

I was a little too excited and ripped off the packaging before taking a picture. 

The bottle is freaking HUGE! It is double the size of a 150ml bottle but DAMN! The bottle is really huge! Below is a size comparison with other similar thermal water sprays. See the difference!

Hope this was helpful for you bargain hunters out there! Make your way to your nearest Watsons before the sale is over. I'm not sure if Guardian carries La Roche Posay products so do leave it in the comment below if they do carry them.

Anyway exciting news guys, yesterday was my virgin experience going to a Clothes Buffet. It is by Victoria Jomo and the event was called Fit All You Can 2. A good or a bad experience? Stay tune to find out! Ps *not really the most pleasant shopping experience IMO*


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Vichy Thermal Spa Water

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Review for Vichy Thermal Spa Water

I’m really excited about this post and it is about Vichy’s Thermal Spa Water! The Vichy Thermal Spa Water is now on sale at Watsons. For price and more information check out here. There are many similar kinds of ‘thermal water spray’ some include La Rosche Posay and Avene. I will try all of them and do a comparison posts some time later. 

Product Description:
Vichy Thermal Water is 100% pure and naturally rich with 15 rare minerals. It is clinically proven to have health benefits for your skin: regenerating, antioxidant, soothing and protective. Recommended for sensitive skin.
Mineral Richness
- A miracle of nature, naturally rich with 15 regenerating minerals + antioxidants, essential to skin’s health
- So unique, it cannot be reproduced by science. So powerful, it can reset your skin's health

- Soothes + reinforces skin's natural barrier function. Its antioxidant properties help the skin fight the signs of aging
- Protected and fortified, skin is more resistant to environmental aggressions.

Dermatological Standards:
-Tested by dermatologists.


It is super refreshing, does not contain any fragrance or smell. The texture is literally like water. I tried to taste it (yikes) and it didn’t taste like anything. The solution did not sting my eyes at all. 

I always thought to myself, why are people spending so much on just water? But really you have to try it to know the goodness.

What I love about this product is the results it gives. The first time I sprayed it on, *ghetto snap* I’m hooked. My face instantly looks so hydrated. You know how your skin looks like after 30 minutes of facial mask on? This can achieve similar hydration in one spray. After using it consistently for barely a week, I notice that me face is smoother and more radiant

I usually get redness on my cheeks, forehead and chin basically where I get my acne and this stuff takes away the redness so instantly. 

I was skeptical at first, I mean how much can water do to my face?  It isn’t cheap, a 150ml bottle of it cost SGD$20 and the solution is literally, pure water. But do give it a try if you suffer from redness or itchiness. 

Sounds like miracle water? Not really, as great as it sounds, there are cons too. 


The thermal spa water spray is not going to combat against acne at all. So don’t expect it to be any sort of acne treatment. It is purely hydrating the skin with minerals, reducing redness. I did find it to calm my zits down a little, reducing the surrounding redness but the zit is still there. 

The price is also a con. This stuff isn’t cheap the 50g or 50ml (1.69 FL OZ) bottle costs SGD$9.90 at Watsons and I believe the larger bottle 150g or 150ml (5 FL OZ) costs around SGD$19.90. Please do inform me if there are any places that sell this cheaper. I’m not sure if you can get this online as it comes in those aerosol cans and you guys know how strict Singapore regulations are. I heard many reviews said that it leaks too, so it is not recommended. 

The spray on the bottle does bother me a little. I wish the mists come out finer and the button is a bit flimsy. The Avene Thermal Spring Water on the other hand, gives a finer spray.

 How I use it:

I use this every morning and night after my toner to let the minerals absorb into my skin better. Sometimes I use it when my face looks too ‘done’ or cakey to achieve a dewier finish.

Yadda Yadda: 

I paid SGD$9.90 for the small bottle and _. Will I repurchase? Yes, definitely I will repurchase. This is a Holy Grail product for me, it works wonders and I highly recommend you guys to check it out. Any other facial mists you guys love?

Packaging: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the spray)
Price: 4.5/5 (For me it is worth the price)
Effectiveness: 5/5
Overall rating: 5/5



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NYX Tinted Lip Spa in TLS01 Copacabana

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Review for NYX Tinted Lip Spa in TLS01 Copacabana

Hey babes! Back for another review and today will be on the tinted lip spa from NYX which I have featured in my recent Mini Haul. Copacabana is the lightest shade in the entire range and I’m surprise how little swatches and review Copacabana has so I thought why not I do it, right? Also I’m not really a fan of bold colours so I thought Copacabana will be great for my taste. 


I wouldn’t say it is pigmented neither is it sheer. It is slightly more pigmented than a ordinary tinted lip balm but not as pigmented as a lipstick. The colour is definitely buildable. It leaves a glossy finish like lip balms do and it is indeed very moisturizing. 

On Makeupalley, some reviewers said that the menthol in it stings their lips and they felt like their lips were burning. I do find the menthol/minty smell a little overwhelming for my taste but the menthol feeling on the lips is really not that strong at all. The cooling effect did not last very long after applied on lips neither was it painful.

BUT! If you have wounds on the lips, this stuff is going to sting a little bit. Not like a ‘ouch!’ but more of a ‘oooh’ kind of feeling. I once peeled my lips until it bled and I applied the lip spa on and it did hurt a little so I will not recommend to peeps with really sensitive lips.  


You guys know how sensitive and dry my lips are, even in such a humid weather, my lips still peel like crazy. And although this tinted lip spa is moisturizing on the lips, I find that after it dries out or gets wiped off, my lips get extra dry so I don’t think the healing properties are absorbed into the lips.  

But then again my lips are horribly dry so you guys can roughly judge it for your own lips. 

The shade wasn’t as light as I thought it would be. Looking at swatches I thought the colour  would be a nice pale milky pink but it wasn’t. It was definitely a my-lips-but-better-colour. Not a bad colour though, just wasn’t what I was expecting. The lip spa wasn’t any more long lasting compared to other lip balms/ treatments/ conditioner. 1 to 2 hours at most.

Yadda Yadda:

I paid SGD$7 for the NYX Tinted Lip Spa. Net Weight 0.18 OZ or 5g. Will I repurchase? No, I have too many similar shades and the moisturizing properties aren’t enough for my awful lips. Have you guys tried it yet? Do you think it’s good?

Packaging: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Pigmentation: 3/5
Lasting power: 2.5/5
Moisturizing factor: 3.5/5
Overall rating: 3.5/5

A/N: Posts may get more delayed for a while as school is stressing me out like crazy. I try to put up as many as I can, maybe more hauls or sales. 


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Thermal Water Watson’s SALE! Avene + Vichy

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EXCITING NEWS GUYS!!!! I recently bought some bottles of thermal water to try out and I.FREAKING.LOVE.IT! The two brands that I’ve tried are the Avene Thermal Spring Water and Vichy Thermal Spa Water. I heard that Uriage makes really good ones too. I’ve used them around 3 weeks and I seriously swear by thermal water now. I’m currently working on the reviews where I will be comparing both so do stay tune for that.

I went to Clementi’s Watsons today and found out that Vichy is having a sale on Vichy Thermal Spa Water. 1 bottle (150ml) originally retails at SGD$19.80 and now *alert alert* is on sale for 2 bottles at SGD$14.80!! Amazing or what? It is crazy; one bottle cost only $7+! 

Amazingly Avene is also having a buy one get one free promotion. So I went ahead and bought a set too. The original price for Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml bottle costs SGD$20.80 and now it costs $20.80 for 2 bottles.

I bought both during different times, hence there are 2 receipts 

This is a freaking good deal and I have to share it with you guys. So do go down to your nearby Watsons and grab them now! I paid everything with my own cash. Also, sorry for the blurry pictures, I wanted to get this post up asap so you guys have more time to go buy them.



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Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Eyeliner pencil in Black

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Review for Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Eyeliner pencil in Black

Hey hey! Today I’m reviewing a cheap and good pencil eyeliner which is Milani liquif’eye pencil eyeliner. I also featured it in my recent haul. This pencil eyeliner is climbing rapidly to fame with famous youtubers such as Xteeener and many others raving about this product. It is sadly not available in Singapore but you can get your hands on it through Cherry Culture, Drugstore and more.

Many says that they are dupes of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on-Eye pencil eyeliners and MakeUpForEver’s Aqua Eyes Waterproof pencil eyeliners. I’ve seen reviews on the UB and MUFE pencil eyeliners and surprisingly many were quite negative, so I didn’t get them also considering that they cost a whopping 30-40 sg bucks!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on-Eye: 3.6 on Makeupalley (US$18)

MUFE Aqua Eyes: 3.5 on Makeupalley (US$18)

Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic: 4.1 on Makeupalley (US$6-7 depending where you get them)


Extremely smooth eye pencil with the application and feel of a liquid liner that delivers true color payoff, in a metallic finish with a long-lasting wear.


It is extremely creamy! I would say that it is creamier than MAC’s Smolder and Revlon’s Matte pencil eyeliner. Glides on so smoothly on the eye and I do not need to tug my eyelids. It is so opaque, definitely comparable to MAC’s Smolder. The pencil eyeliner is ‘normal sized’, meaning that it should fit in most sharpeners and you do not need to buy a separate one. 

The best part of the pencil eyeliner? The lasting power. The lasting power is fabulous! It does not vanish totally or smudge crazily and really stays put. I swear to god I have the oiliest lids in the whole wide world and nothing stays on my lids without a primer on. MAC’s black track fluidline smudges on me, Maybelline studio one smudges like crazy; MAC’s smolder vanishes within an hour, Revlon colourstay liquid liner and Kate Kanebo gel liner smudges and fades too.

I wouldn’t say the lasting power is comparable to a gel liner because it isn’t but the milani liquif’eye is definitely hands down the best pencil eyeliner I’ve used. 

So with that said I am really impressed by this pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliners usually smudges the fastest on me, often it vanishes 1-2 hours after application. Today I went short hiking (?) trekking (?) whatever you call it with my older brother to get some sun and exercise and I wore this on my lids since we were only going for 2 hours. I sweated buckets under the hot sun and when I got home surprise surprise! It was still there!! 


As miraculous as it seems, it did smudge a little around the outer corners of my eyes. But I’m sure with a primer under, it will eliminate the smudging problem. I find it fades a little when dried but just layer another layer on top after the liner dries and it stays opaque.  

As shown in the swatch, I think it gives more of a matte finish compared to a metallic finish. I personally like mattes more so I don’t find it a problem.  

It gets blunt really really quickly due to the creaminess texture; therefore I find that I have to keep sharpening to achieve a winged eyeliner look. Sadly for peeps in Asia we can only get our hands on it online

The packaging is pretty ordinary, nothing out of the box I just find that the pencil liner scraps while capping if not careful. A good size for the price and very travel-friendly

Yadda yadda:

I paid around SGD$11 plus shipping. Net Weight: 0.04 OZ/ 1.2g. Will I repurchase? Yes! I will repurchase again and again unless I’ve found another great alternative. I highly recommend you guys to check it out, superb quality and lasting power. Any good eyeliners to recommend? Please do!

Packaging: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
Lasting power: 4.5/5
Overall rating: 4.5/5

A/N: Sorry for the extremely lengthy post, I tried to make it as detailed as possible. Please forgive any typo errors! I hope you guys find this helpful and see you guys soon!



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Haul! Forever21.com September 2011

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I bought some clothes from forever21.com through my friend and I’d like to share my loots with all of my lovely babes here. All of the clothes are bought during the month of September therefore stated in the title. I have been quite obsessed with purchasing clothes online recently and I have even put a makeup ban on myself just to purchase more clothes. I know it is quite an unhealthy obsession and I’ll try to get over it soon. Many of the items are still available right now so I’ll leave links for you guys to check it out.

For forever21, I am a small because their clothes run a little bigger but since I can’t try it on, I like to order a Medium just in case I can’t fit. 

 Photo of the 5 items

Rose Pattern Top US$12.80

I really like it. It is quite similar to the picture on the website when worn. I found out that the pictures on Forever21 are washed out due to the studio lights so you do need to visualize it at least 2 shades darker. So when in the picture it’s white but the stated colour is Taupe, it is most probably a true Taupe and not a light taupe, you know what I’m saying.

Textured Stripes Dolman Top US$15.80

I would say this top is my second favourite out of the five items. The colour again is really different from the pictures. The stated colour is Blush on the website and the model’s top is clearly a soft pink. And when I received my item I was like wait a minute, the top is pink but it has a brown undertone to it which clearly cannot be seen in the website’s pictures. I still like it though!  

Sslv Georgette Shirt US$15.80

Okay sadly, this item has been sold out and it is my favourite item out of all. I featured it in my Fashion Forward 1. This is the only item I bought in size Large because all the other sizes were sold out. It fits a little loose but since my shoulders are broad it looks fine on. Isn’t it totally adorable? In the website picture, it is more of a orange Beige but truly it is a beige with pink undertones. 

 Website picture ^
Sslv GeorgetteShirt link (This is the link but it’s out of stock anyways) 

Textured Lace Top US$17.80

I love this item too! It is almost exactly the same as the website other than the colour (again). The top in the website’s picture look entirely white so it was weird because the stated colour was Cream/Beige. So turns out there were little portions of beige but it still looks really good on actually. The ends of the top aren’t sewn well as shown in the picture above.   

Colorful Scribble Top US$15.80

Okay this last piece I really have nothing to say except I was disappointed! It looked so good on the model! The colour was way off for this piece. You guys can see it for yourself. This top was actually my first purchase so I kinda learnt my lesson not to buy anything Taupe because it will turn out to be a brown colour. So I don’t recommend purchasing this piece. 

That's all!

A/N: Should I do more of these? Do let me know :D 


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D.I.Y#1: French Manicure tutorial Step-by-step

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Finally the long awaited French manicure tutorial!! I am so sorry for letting you guys wait so long! Disclaimer* I’m not at all a professional and this method may not be the easiest or most helpful method out there but it’s what worked for me. This post is extremely picture heavy and the pictures took me like an hour to upload *sigh*.  Let’s cut the chase and get right into it!

Firstly, get all the items ready.

    1)A opaque white nail polish (I’m using some random white nail deco polish from Watsons)

    2) A sheer pink nail polish (mine is Bourjois Paris So Laque Rose Lounge 28)

    3) Top Coat (I’m using Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle *technically it isn’t a top coat but I’m trying to finish the whole bottle*) 

    4)  Plastic tape (Any random tape will do)

    5) Nail polish remover (Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover) I've placed some of the liquid into a smaller pump bottle as I tend to spill.


   6)Cotton Pads (I’m using Watson’s brand, any cotton pad will suffice)

   7) Scissors (any small pair of scissors will do)

Let's start!!

First step: Paste tape on any round surface (any round covers will do)

Second step: Cut tape according to round edge

Third step: Paste trimmed tape onto nail where you want your white section to start. Do not apply base coat because you will be pasting the tape on your nail and it will destroy any base coat you’ve applied.

 Fourth step: Apply a thin layer of white nail polish to edge, you do not have to be neat

Fifth step: Before the white nail polish starts to dry, remove tape (to prevent icky bumps)

Sixth step: See the mistakes? Remove them now.

Seventh step: After white tip dries, apply base/top coat to seal in the nail polish and prep the nail for the next step.

Eighth step: Apply sheer pink nail polish over entire nail. Coat as many layers as you prefer. Here I’m layering 3 coats.

 Ninth step: Apply second coat of sheer pink nail polish

Tenth step: Apply third layer and final layer of top coat.

And you’re DONE!! There are mistakes here and there, it is definitely not perfect (quite far from it actually) but really from far you wouldn't notice any of the minor mistakes. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below, and if you’ve tried out this method do tell me your thoughts! 

The Final look



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