Balancing Hormonal acne + Centrium Stresstabs, Sato Hakubi B

Today, I’ll be talking about balancing hormonal acne. I found a very interesting video talking about balancing acne and I will link it below for you guys to check her out. I find her videos very informative and helpful if you are combating with acne like me. 

I get hormonal zit nearing my period on my chin and small zit-like bumps around my nose and cheek area and sometimes on my forehead. And there was a time when I was obsessed with supplements, because some supplements promises better skin and who doesn’t want better skin? But I was on and off of those, the main reason was that I forgot to take them and I didn’t see many results too so I gradually got lazy. 

After watching Tracy’s video, I started to consume my supplements daily and I find that it does make my skin smoother, I still do get breakouts prior to my period but the zits do not look so inflamed compared to the past. The previously red angry zits are now more subtle and less noticeable.

The two supplements that I recommend are the Centrium Stresstabs (60 tablets) and Sato Hakubi B (120 tablets). 

Centrium Stresstabs (1 tab daily)


I find the Centrium Stresstabs give more results, it contains a lot of vitamin Bs which are very essential for women especially women on their period. Vitamin B also increases rate of metabolism and reduces anemia. The pill also contains iron which helps recover blood loss and ease the menstrual pain. If you do suffer from breakouts during exams or work stress, I do highly recommend taking this. Iron has an added benefit of improving concentration. 


The pill is horrendously large, okay compared to other adult’s supplements the size is a medium (I’ve seen larger ones that’s what she said) but for people who hates eating pills or have sensitive gag reflexes like me, the size is a problem. However you can cut it in half and that eliminates the problem. 

Sato Hakubi B (2 tabs daily)

There are also 2 more types of supplements from this line which is the Sato Hakubi White C (blue bottle) and Sato Hakubi C2 (pink bottle). The blue bottle dosage requires 2 pills 3 times a day and pink bottle twice a day. I mainly bought the orange bottle because it was on sale and it is just a hassle to take more than once a day. 


The size! It is so freaking small compared to the centrium one. And the best part? It is SUGAR COATED! This just makes eating pills a pure pleasure. I don’t find the results as significant as the Centrium Stresstabs, but hey, it tastes great!


Like I’ve stated above, the results aren’t that significant. And I believe that this contains fewer B vitamins too. It costs more than the centrium supplement pills, the centrium stresstabs costs around SGD$33 and I bought Hakubi B on sale for SGD$27 (originally SGD$47). I bought those months ago so the prices are estimations.

Yadda Yadda: 

You can find Sato Hakubi and Centrium products at Unity Healthcare, Watsons, Guardian Pharmacies and Mustafa. The prices are all different depending where you go but I suggest going Mustafa as they are generally a few bucks cheaper. I highly recommend these 2 if you are looking for B vitamins supplements. Also, please note that eating supplements will not eliminate any acne; it will only help to reduce and heal it. Have you tried any beauty supplements? Are they effective?

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