D.I.Y#1: French Manicure tutorial Step-by-step


Finally the long awaited French manicure tutorial!! I am so sorry for letting you guys wait so long! Disclaimer* I’m not at all a professional and this method may not be the easiest or most helpful method out there but it’s what worked for me. This post is extremely picture heavy and the pictures took me like an hour to upload *sigh*.  Let’s cut the chase and get right into it!

Firstly, get all the items ready.

    1)A opaque white nail polish (I’m using some random white nail deco polish from Watsons)

    2) A sheer pink nail polish (mine is Bourjois Paris So Laque Rose Lounge 28)

    3) Top Coat (I’m using Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle *technically it isn’t a top coat but I’m trying to finish the whole bottle*) 

    4)  Plastic tape (Any random tape will do)

    5) Nail polish remover (Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover) I've placed some of the liquid into a smaller pump bottle as I tend to spill.


   6)Cotton Pads (I’m using Watson’s brand, any cotton pad will suffice)

   7) Scissors (any small pair of scissors will do)

Let's start!!

First step: Paste tape on any round surface (any round covers will do)

Second step: Cut tape according to round edge

Third step: Paste trimmed tape onto nail where you want your white section to start. Do not apply base coat because you will be pasting the tape on your nail and it will destroy any base coat you’ve applied.

 Fourth step: Apply a thin layer of white nail polish to edge, you do not have to be neat

Fifth step: Before the white nail polish starts to dry, remove tape (to prevent icky bumps)

Sixth step: See the mistakes? Remove them now.

Seventh step: After white tip dries, apply base/top coat to seal in the nail polish and prep the nail for the next step.

Eighth step: Apply sheer pink nail polish over entire nail. Coat as many layers as you prefer. Here I’m layering 3 coats.

 Ninth step: Apply second coat of sheer pink nail polish

Tenth step: Apply third layer and final layer of top coat.

And you’re DONE!! There are mistakes here and there, it is definitely not perfect (quite far from it actually) but really from far you wouldn't notice any of the minor mistakes. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below, and if you’ve tried out this method do tell me your thoughts! 

The Final look




  1. Really simple and gorgeous ! :D
    Create more nail designs ...

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment, I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial, I'm definitely be going to do more in the future :)