Haul! Forever21.com September 2011

I bought some clothes from forever21.com through my friend and I’d like to share my loots with all of my lovely babes here. All of the clothes are bought during the month of September therefore stated in the title. I have been quite obsessed with purchasing clothes online recently and I have even put a makeup ban on myself just to purchase more clothes. I know it is quite an unhealthy obsession and I’ll try to get over it soon. Many of the items are still available right now so I’ll leave links for you guys to check it out.

For forever21, I am a small because their clothes run a little bigger but since I can’t try it on, I like to order a Medium just in case I can’t fit. 

 Photo of the 5 items

Rose Pattern Top US$12.80

I really like it. It is quite similar to the picture on the website when worn. I found out that the pictures on Forever21 are washed out due to the studio lights so you do need to visualize it at least 2 shades darker. So when in the picture it’s white but the stated colour is Taupe, it is most probably a true Taupe and not a light taupe, you know what I’m saying.

Textured Stripes Dolman Top US$15.80

I would say this top is my second favourite out of the five items. The colour again is really different from the pictures. The stated colour is Blush on the website and the model’s top is clearly a soft pink. And when I received my item I was like wait a minute, the top is pink but it has a brown undertone to it which clearly cannot be seen in the website’s pictures. I still like it though!  

Sslv Georgette Shirt US$15.80

Okay sadly, this item has been sold out and it is my favourite item out of all. I featured it in my Fashion Forward 1. This is the only item I bought in size Large because all the other sizes were sold out. It fits a little loose but since my shoulders are broad it looks fine on. Isn’t it totally adorable? In the website picture, it is more of a orange Beige but truly it is a beige with pink undertones. 

 Website picture ^
Sslv GeorgetteShirt link (This is the link but it’s out of stock anyways) 

Textured Lace Top US$17.80

I love this item too! It is almost exactly the same as the website other than the colour (again). The top in the website’s picture look entirely white so it was weird because the stated colour was Cream/Beige. So turns out there were little portions of beige but it still looks really good on actually. The ends of the top aren’t sewn well as shown in the picture above.   

Colorful Scribble Top US$15.80

Okay this last piece I really have nothing to say except I was disappointed! It looked so good on the model! The colour was way off for this piece. You guys can see it for yourself. This top was actually my first purchase so I kinda learnt my lesson not to buy anything Taupe because it will turn out to be a brown colour. So I don’t recommend purchasing this piece. 

That's all!

A/N: Should I do more of these? Do let me know :D 


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