February & March Fashion Haul | Topshop, H&M, Newlook, Stradivarius

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Hey guys! Its that time of the month again! No, I'm not referring to that time of the month silly, it is the time for a monthly fashion haul. I've been doing these for quite some time now so thank you for sticking with me all this while. I didn't do one last month so this post consists of 2 months worth of items. I do have quite a bit so I will skip the blabbering and go straight to the product details.


This is my first time purchasing from Tracyeinny which is a Singapore based online webstore. They also have physical outlets all over the island so check them out, they have some great stuff! I got it for S$32, free sized. It is on backorder right now so click here to preorder yours, or purchase a similar piece here.


 I went to H&M sale section, I got this gorgeous lace shift dress for S$20 original price S$60. It comes with a inner satin piece that is connected to the dress itself that has a very lovely heart shape cutting. It looks amazing on, the fit isn't too tight nor loose, it gives off a sexy look without revealing a ton skin. I got it in a size XS. It should still be in stores. Similar piece here.


From Topshop, I got this adorable grey cotton crop tee from their basics section. It looks corduroy in the first photo but is actually stripe pattern that is semi sheer. I got it in a size UK12 because it was the last piece left, but surprisingly it fits snug so I'm glad I didn't get a size smaller. It retails for S$19 but there is a promo for 3 for S$33. This tee also comes in black and white.

You guys have probably seen this is in my recent haul post. I got this sequin crop top from Newlook on sale for S$26. I'm pretty obsessed with crop tops right now as you probably can tell. I got it in a UK10 and it looks amazing on BUT it is very scratchy especially on the edges of the sleeves and around the neck.  

I got some eye accessories, from left to right: Forever 21 matte black/pink sunglasses, Mitju grey oversized sunglasses, Forever 21 clear tortoise shell glasses. They are respectively S$10, S$30, S$3(sale). I am IN LOVE with the matte black/pink wayfer style sunglasses, they look so badass on plus they look way more expensive than they really are shh don't tell anybody. AND the Mitju oversized sunnies shapes the face so well and gives off a very celeb day-off style. Awesome buys!

Black/pink colourblocked wayferer sunglasses


From Straivarius, I got this fancy statement necklace from their sale rack. It was S$35.90, most of their necklaces are around $30-$40 range and was on sale for S$14. It looks very good on actually and I think this will look great stacked with some chain necklaces.


Now this was a fail purchase. I thought it was a clasp bracelet (I couldn't see with all the bomb proof packaging), but it came without any clasps behind so I was very disappointed tbh. And it has this traditional method of wearing where you have to tug on different straps to loosen/tighten. It was so hard to maneuver the straps and you need to do whole process thrice to get all the bracelets on. What a fail buy! Anyways it was S$14.90 reduced to around S$7.  

Also from Forever21, I had a S$12 voucher from spending above S$55 so I went ahead and grabbed some jewellery. I got a bunch of midi/regular sized rings that came in a pack and a l-o-v-e ring which was on sale for only $1! The pack of 6 rings were $8. I thought it was adorable so I got it immediately.

I rarely buy bags because I am really picky with them. I like neutral/black colour bags and I rarely go out of my comfort zone. I pondered on getting this purse for quite some time, but since it was reduced from S$59.90 to S$20 and it was the last purse of this design left, I had to get it. I think it might be knocked off the sale rack and kicked into a hidden corner of the shelf since I don't think people would walk past this purse and not get it. But thank you whoever who did that because thanks to you, I got my hands on it. The purse has a very heavy metal shoulder piece covered with gold studs which makes the purse so different and edgy in a sense. I would pair this with a plain maxi dress on days I channel my inner grunge.     

Thank you all for reading and I will see you in my next post! Leave any comments below if you have any questions! xoxo


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Emoda Spring Style Trend | Blue + White + Grey

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The grey + blue combination has been very popular this season. I really like this combination because there are still some elements from the strong black/white monochrome from the past season that is brought forward to 2014 spring trend. I personally think it looks amazing! Pastels are usually the go-to color scheme when it comes to spring so this is definitely not something new, I take it as an exciting twist. I like how soft grey + blue color combination is yet still keeping the look tough. It is not too feminine nor domineering like the black/white monochrome trend which held the reign to trends of 2013 as it can sometimes come off as too contrasting.

I browsed through Emoda's website recently to look at their newest S/S 2014 collection and I found some lovely pieces that hits the current trend right on the spot. I came out with a map of some of my favourite pieces, links of individual items are down below. If you guys have no idea what Emoda is, my oh my, where have you been gurl! Emoda is a Japanese fashion label by Ena Matsumoto that brings out the latest, most on trend Japanese fashion that is designer quality with a affordable price tag. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know in the comments below what you think of the grey/blue trend! Is it a hit or a miss for you guys?

4. SHEER SCARF - 19.32 USD
10. DECO PALE TWEED - 116.92 USD
11. FINE CHECK SKIRT - 68.12 USD    


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Review | TouchInSol In The Skin Renovation BB Cream

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Hey guys! I tested out the In The Skin Renovation BB Cream for the past 2 weeks so I decided that it was time for a bb cream review! I got 3 products from TouchInSol from CozyCot, (click here to my haul post to find out where you can get them for only S$8) the 1. In The Skin Renovation BB Cream, 2. Velvet Touch BB Balm and 3. I'm Very Useful Makeup Boomer. Following reviews with be on the other two products but I decided to just concentrate on the BB cream in this post.

From TouchInSol korean website:

Active Ingredients

Camomile Extract ,Lavender Extract, Green Tea Extract, PORTULACA OLERACEA (GREEN PURSLANE) EXTRACT, Aloe Vera Extract
Product Feature
- Sun protection of SPF36 PA+ factor shuts off UV A and B. 
- Safe to use on sensitive and trouble skin with SKIN FILM SYSTEM for the excellent calming skin
- Perfectly covers reddish skin and blemishes. 
- Sebum controlling function prevents oily complexion caused by excess sebum and secretion of maintaining bright and balanced the skin tone with soft and excellent application.

I will go ahead and state that the biggest disadvantage this In The Skin (ITS) Renovation bb cream had is that it only comes in one shade. for shade reference, I am a NC25, Revlon Colorstay shade 180 Sand Beige. I feel that NC20-25 is a very safe match, if you skin tone is darker than this (above NC30), I'm afraid it may look too grey-ish on the skin. 

The ITS Renovation bb cream does not contain any shimmers/iridescent in the bb cream, it does leaves a dewy finish which looks fine on its own or powdered over if you prefer a matte look. I do like the subtle dewy finish it leaves so sometimes I just lightly powder my T-Zone or just leave it as it is and blot after a few hours into the day when the skin gets greasy.  

The consistency is definitely on the thin, more liquidy side. Definitely not paste-y like Dr Jar Black Label BB balm or BRTC Whitening bb cream. Since it is more liquidy, it blends easily on the skin, slight streaking but more blending will solve the problem. This bb cream has a light coverage, buildable to light-medium coverage max. 

Redness still peeks through the layer of bb cream so concealing cannot be skipped. I blend it using my fingers so maybe using a beauty blender or a brush will give it more coverage. I always blend my bb cream using my hands I feel that it blends nicely with the warmth from the fingers and I don't have to wash makeup brushes that frequently. 

Surprisingly, the bb cream controls oil fairly well, I don't necessarily have to blot during the day but after around 6-7 hours into application, it does get noticeably greasy.

For dry patches, I find that this bb cream does emphasize flaky spots so I just conceal my dry areas and avoid applying bb cream over them. I made a mistake of wearing it all over my face once and boy! I looked flaky and caked near my temples. Not a pretty sight :/
I love the packaging, it comes in a squeeze tube with a pump on one side. Perfect, fuss-free packaging, all bb creams/foundations should come like this!

The Touch In Sol In The Skin Renovation BB Cream retails for S$23.90 and I believe you can get this product at Watsons. Click the link here to find out where I got this for only $8!

Not suitable for:
-Very dry skin
-very light or very dark skin tones (since it comes in only one shade)
- Acne prone skin (light coverage)

Price: 3/5 (RRP: $23.90) 
Effectiveness: 4/5 (if you are in the market for something heavier than a tinted moisturizer and do not require high coverage, I would recommend this)
Packaging: 5/5 
Grease control: 3.5/5
Overall rating: 3.5/5

Tell me in the comments below, what are your favourite bb creams at the moment! 


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Mini Haul | Newlook, Forever21

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I went on a shopping trip a couple of days ago and I wanted to show you guys my loots. This sequin crop top I got from Newlook is probably my favourite buy of the day. It looks so cute on and I already have an idea in my head of what to pair this top with - my zara leather skirt! It is a bit prickly on the edges so I will have to maybe wear something underneath it. I got a pair of clear glasses and a pair of sunglasses (accessories all from Forever21). I LOVE the sunglasses, it has a plum shade tint to the lenses and has such a unique matte black/pink frame to it that flatters all face shapes.

I also got a pack of rings that has different sizes so you can either wear them traditionally or as midi rings. The l-o-v-e ring was the last item I picked out and I really like it as a dainty midi ring! Let me know what you think about my shopping trip loots down in the comments below!


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Spring Shoes Wishlist!

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1. Aldo Razavi Bluette Flat Shoe - £32 - stunning blue shade with low cut pointed toe. 
I love the V-shape cutting detail in the toe opening area.

2. Vans Snake Authentic Silver- £30 - I have been wanting this since the first time I saw it on Lookbook. Since grey is such a huge trend this season, I figured it would be THE time to own a pair of these!

3. ALDO Bowker Trainers - £40 - The prints really stood out to me, I find it so edgy and unique! Shattered glass maybe? I would love it on
 some plain white tee and a oversized denim jacket for a street chic look. 

4. ASOS HOCUS Heeled Sandals - £30 - The cut outs from this shoe looked amazing. And with a thicker heel, walking in them would be a breeze.

5. ALDO Blue Mid Heel Pointy Toe Pump With Asymetric Cut - £65 - I love how the delicate straps twirls around the body of the foot, it is beautiful and I love the blue it comes in!

6.  ASOS HEARTBEAT Heeled Sandals - £22.50 - Every girl needs to own a nude t-strap sandal/heel, it elongates the foot and can look flirty for dates or
 fit formal corporate outfits too. A versatile shoe for every outfit!

7. ALDO Flat Pointed Yellow Asymmetric Flat Shoes - £50 - This is the no heel version of the Mid Hell Pointy Toe Pump (no.5). And mustard colour? Double yes please. The asymmetric cut adds a interesting touch to an otherwise plain jane flats. Ingenious! 

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Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color 330 Grey Area

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I fell in love at first sight when I saw this shade in stores. 330 Grey Area is a dark grey nail polish with purplish undertones. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polishes are very pigmented, I always only apply 2 coats to get a very opaque and creamy appearance. I find the drying time to be a bit lacking though. It dries much slower than brands like China Glaze and OPI. Another con I found is that there is a slight colour difference between how the polish looked inside the bottle and how it came out on my nails. In the bottle, it looked more purplish grey but it came out a lot darker and under certain lighting it looks almost brownish! So I wouldn't personally recommend this shade, but there are many others in the collection so I am definitely going to try those out. Still, it looks amazing on shorter nails but I was pretty bumped with how the color came out. I think they retail for S$13.90 each but I got them on a discount.


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First Beauty Haul Of 2014 | TouchInSOL, MAC, Essence

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Hey guys! I'm back from a short hiatus, I am in the midst of my finals so I will taking breaks here and there to study. But I'm back in full force this week so keep checking back for daily updates! Oh! And you might have noticed I didn't post a Feburary fashion haul, I will be combining Feb and March haul together since I got quite a bit of stuff this month.

I got three TouchInSol products from Cozycot. They were having S$8 promotion for all items. I will leave the link here if you guys are interested, I believe only the makeup boomer is sold out, the bb cream and bb balm should still be available. I have been seeing TouchInSol products appearing in Watsons late last year and really been curious about them. And I'm surprised that they don't have much reviews on their products on the internet as well. I have tried them all, I love the bb cream and makeup boomer (highlighter), the velvet touch bb balm is a miss for me though. I will be posting a review on them soon so stay tune for that.

I went into MAC the other day and got All That Glitters which I have always wanted to own. All That Glitters is probably easily in the top ten MAC eyeshadows and I've seen so many beauty gurus raving about them. It is a nice shimmery rosy champagne that is oh so beautiful.

Lastly I also got a Essence lipstick in no. 07 Natural Beauty. This is probably the most neutral/ my-lips-but-better shade in the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick range. I have a swatch post on all Essence lipstick shades so click here if you are interested. Essence lipsticks are less than S$5 each so they are extremely affordable and their quality is pretty dang good too.

Have any questions? Leave them down below!


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