Haul! March 2012: Korea Trip

Haul! March 2012: Korea Trip 

Hey guys! Today’s post will be on my fashion purchases in Korea. If you haven’t read my entire experience during the trip to Korea, I will link it here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 ) so please go ahead and read them. I initially wanted to post all my purchases in Korea in this post but didn’t have enough time. Therefore the following post will be on my cosmetics and souvenirs I bought in Korea.

Cream Blouse [HelloAPM – KRW15,000]

I bought this blouse at HelloAPM located in DongDaeMun. Do take note that most of clothing in Korea comes in only 1 size and can at most fit a UK12. If you are more than a UK12, I suggest you buy from retail malls that carry more sizes. HelloAPM is very similar to Bugis Street in my opinion because you cannot try on clothes. This blouse is very adorable and I particularly love how to collar and the cuffs are matching in colour. I think it will be very lovely to be paired with a black skirt.

Beige Pink Skirt [HelloAPM – KRW15,000]


This beige skirt was purchased at HelloAPM as well and it was kind of a bargain because I saw the same exact skirt on Level 2 selling for 25,000. I immediately went back to Level 1 and bought it since I already knew it cost 15,000. The zipper isn’t really smooth but for the price, I really cannot demand for anything more. The skirt is made up of a thick furry material which is nice because it holds the shape of the skirt in place. All their skirt comes with a thin inner silk lining but I suggest still wearing a pair of underpants. 

Navy Dress with Gold Buttons [Gangnam – KRW10,000]

I got this dress at Gangnam at long stretch of shops just beside the underground Subway station. You wouldn’t believe how much this dress cost. It cost only 10,000 (SGD12) bucks! This dress would have cost 25 bucks online so it was really a good deal. There was another dress that I liked but I didn’t buy it and somewhat regretting it now. But I didn’t really have much cash left. 

This dress runs extremely small, I am a UK 8 and this fits at most a UK10, and it fits really tight especially around the waist area. I have removed all the gold buttons (I kinda think it makes the dress look cheap?) as they are very loosely sewn on and one of them fell out when I was trying it on at home. 

Cream Fur Top [HelloAPM – KRW15,000]

I bought this top at HelloAPM (LOL most of my items are bought there) from a really adorable shop owner. There was sale everywhere because the season was ending and I suppose they were clearing their stocks. I thought it would look cute with jeggings and my dr martens so I bought it. It was affordable anyway. The only negative thing about this piece is that the inside is extremely itchy so I have to wear another thin long sleeve shirt beneath it. Other than that, super adorable!

Black Skirt [HelloAPM – KRW10,000] 

I bought this skirt thinking that I would need it a lot but I can’t freaking fit in it! Actually I can fit in but the skirt will be exploding any minute. I bought it in small (yes, I know right) because I wanted it to fit nicely (somebody slap me please) and usually I can fit into a small size but not this time because I swear to god that this skirt fits like a UK4 orUK6. It cost only 10,000 so I take as a lesson learnt and buy size M in everything next time.

Glittery dress [GangNam – KRW29,000]

Actually I have absolutely no idea why I bought this. I thought it was 19,000 as it was hung on the 19,000 rack and I’m sure it was well worth 22 bucks right? I went into the shop and ask the shop owner and in Korean 10,000 and 20,000 sound almost the same. So I guess I made a mistake and paid it using my credit card and it came up to be 29,000!! Mad pissed. But the dress fits really nicely on me and the quality is absolutely great so I can justify the amount paid I guess *grunts*.

Dusty Pink Dress with Blue Collar [HelloAPM – KRW25,000]

Isn’t this dress adorable?! Korean is really into the collar trend so almost everything you can find there comes with a collar. This dress was purchase together with the furry top. It looks very cute but I think I am going to alter it shorter so it doesn’t look that boxy. People will be telling me to wear it with a belt but I am not really a fan of wearing belts over dresses. I like the simplicity of this kind of dresses.

Beige black dress [HelloAPM - KRW30,000]

This dress fits absolutely great on me, flatters at the right area and ends at the perfect length. The only complaint I have with this dress is that it is a challenge getting into that dress. Similar to the navy dress, the waist line is very tight and this dress has long sleeves which makes it a pain in the ass to wear it. But once it is on, it looks so pretty! Again this probably fits only at most a UK10. Notice the little details such as the overlapping collar and awesome lining of the dress.

Lace Mesh Dress [HelloAPM – KRW20,000]

I also bought this dress at HelloAPM and I am probably wearing it to wedding dinners and such. It looks really pretty on but it looks a little too dressy for a normal day out. The fit is not too tight which I like and the lace top just looks extra feminine and cute. The dress comes with a inner silk lining which prevents the mesh from 'tickling' the legs.

Leopard Print Watch [Insadong – KRW20,000]

I saw this type of watches online through various Korean sites such as Zipia and Gmarket and they were selling for at least $24. The majority kinds I saw were of basic colours and I haven’t seen a leopard print made of fur one before (my camera absolutely didn't do any justice!). It was love at first sight and even my friend told me it was pretty so I just had to get it.

That is all for this month’s haul and I’ll see you for next post on other items bought from Korea! If you have any suggestions, questions or even feedback please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments below or email me, I will be sure to reply as soon as possible!

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