Korea Beauty Haul + Souvenir and gifts from Korea

Korea Beauty Haul + Souvenir and gifts from Korea
Hey guys! This post is going to be a short one and I’m so sorry. I have been sick for the past few days due to stress and now that I am feeling a lot better, I thought I will do a quick one up. This post will be on the Korea Cosmetics that I have bought in Korea and there weren’t a lot of cosmetics so I’m adding my souvenirs in. 

I bought this at Beauty Face which is a Duty Free cosmetics department store. There were not a lot of cosmetics that interested me so I just bought a few to try them out for you guys. 

From Left to Right

1.       Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black [KRW14,550 = SGD17-ish]

I have heard a lot of great reviews on this pen liner and I have been using it since I’m back from Korea. I do love it a lot because the liner is very similar to a marker pen so application is extremely simple. This is available in Watsons for $22 so the price difference isn’t too bad. I will definitely do a review on it soon so stay tune!  

2.       Holika Holika Aqua Splash -2°C Ice Cube [KRW3,850 = SGD4.5]

I bought this just because the packaging intrigued me so much. A set comes with 6 cubes. The directions are all in Korean so I actually had to use Google to find out. It states that the ice cubes are in some jelly form and it is great for moisturizing and tightening pores. Not sure how true that is though because I have not tried it out yet.

And I find it ridiculous how much people are selling this online, I found some websites selling a set (6 cubes) for like 20 bucks and 2 sets for $27 bucks. I mean geez, this stuff only cost $4.50 so stop being rip offs!

1.       Holika Holika Makeup Starter [KRW950 = SGD1.10]
I’ve seen a lot of beauty gurus reviewing this and I was very interested in trying it out so I went ahead and got it. I heard that it comes in a sheet and one side is used for exfoliating and the other side is used for moisturizing.

4.       Holika Holika Dark Circle Stealer Goggle Eye Mask [KRW2,900 = SGD3.20]

It is said to be a cooling hydro gel mask that reduces the appearance of dark circles. I have always been a big fan of eye masks so I am really excited to try it out.

5.       Holika Holika Blush in No.4 Purple [KRW6,800 = SGD8]

This is my favourite blush of the moment and a review of this blush will be up soon. Holika Holika blushes consists of a number of shades but this purple one caught my eye because I do not have a stark purple blush so I had to get it.

Below are souvenirs and gifts that I bought home from Korea and I will love to share it with you guys!

In Clockwise direction
1.       Stone man keychain from Jeju Island (at the back it says I love Jeju)
2.       Stone man figurines made from Jeju volcanic rock (I have no recollection what they are called so I’m calling them Stone Man)
3.       Teddy bear gift from Jeju Island Teddy Bear Museum  
4.       Gift for my mum: Lavender & Strawberry seeds bought from Korea Daiso. My mum was so happy because they are hard to find in Singapore.
5.       Leopard Key Ring from Everland

Food! (Left to Right)
1.       Bulgogi flavoured Onigiri (oh my god tasted heavenly!)
2.       Maxim Espresso T.O.P. I bought this just because it is endorsed by Won Bin. If you have not heard or seen the very famous commercial for T.O.P, I will link it below so check it out!
3.       Banana Milk in Original & Light. If you have the chance to go Korea, remember to try it out! Super delicious!

Maxim T.O.P Commercial

Okay that’s all for today guys! Stay tune for more upcoming reviews! If you have any suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments below or email me!