Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for sensitive skin and body + Get Free sample

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for sensitive skin and body + Get Free sample

Hey guys! Today’s review will be on Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I think I have said it before but have very problematic skin and ever since I started using Proactiv a few years ago, my skin condition became very unstable. My skin kept producing weird stuff, my forehead was covered in skin coloured tiny bumps that could not be gotten rid of. I will definitely do a more in depth post on my Proactiv experience and whether I encourage using it or not but I will leave that aside for the moment. 

I ran out of my Proactiv Cleanser and every Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy outlet I went to was out of stock. So I bought the Cetaphil Cleanser instead since I have always wanted to try out more Cetaphil products and it was really affordable. 


Little to none purging period and this is considered quite the bomb since I was using Proactiv that is well known for massive breakouts after quitting.  My skin got used to it pretty fast and I was overall very impressed. My skin was not irritated at all. 

The smell is very mild and definitely not appalling. The cleanser does not contain micro-scrubbing beads and does not lather up at all. It is free of harsh chemicals and parabens. Therefore it is not abrasive or harsh on the skin. Quite the opposite really. 

My skin does not feel tight like what I usually experience with using Proactiv’s renewing cleanser. The skin still feels hydrated and supple since it is so mild. If you are looking for nothing over the top, just an inexpensive everyday gentle cleanser, I highly recommend this.

I see a great improvement in my skin looking more radiant and healthy.


Cetaphil cleanser does not wash off makeup but I wasn’t expecting it to do so anyway. I always remove my makeup with either Biore makeup removing sheets of Mandom Makeup remover. 

I agree it does have limited effectiveness in controlling acne. If you have an explosion of acne breakouts all around your face and want a quick solution, this is not a product for you. The cleanser has a very mild cleansing effect on the skin and will help to control acne in the long run but is unable to contain severe acne breakouts.

Yadda Yadda:

I bought this at my nearby Watsons for around $13.50. Will I repurchase? Yes, if I ever finish using the entire bottle or if I find a better alternative to this cleanser. All in all, I am very impressed by this cleanser and I do recommend it to people who has sensitive skin or people just recovering from their acne breakouts.

 If you have any suggestions/feedback please leave them in the comments section below or email me at AR_Enquiry@hotmail.com, I will get back ASAP. 

A/N: For those who are not sure if the product is suitable for them, I found it on Cetaphil’s Youtube channel that Cetaphil is giving away free samples for those living in Singapore. I am not sure what product samples they are giving away, it either the cleanser or the moisturizer but we all like freebies anyway so go grab them now! http://cetaphil.com.sg/freesample

Packaging: 4.5/5 (Lots of product, great control)
Price: 5/5
Effectiveness: 3.5/5 (mild & calming but not the best at treating acne)
Overall rating: 4/5



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