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MyStyleBite is a personal lifestyle blog mainly consisting of the occasional rambles & rants, fashion trends and beauty. You can find me at Bloglovin', Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or email her at mystylebite@hotmail.com


- Angie - said...

Hey! Sound just like me! :D Acne scarring, combination skin, blackheads on the nose (always has it) ! :D And loves to be a beauty junkie and like cheap things hahaha~ Hello my friend!

Unknown said...

@- Angie -

Ahaha! Sounds like you're my soulmate too!

Honeysuckle Pose said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I just started using Rodan + Fields skincare and I love what it has done for my acne. I would love to have an outside opinion about the products. Let me know if you try it. www.sabrinaramos.myrandf.com

Unknown said...

Hi So Glib,

Great to hear that your current skincare worked for you! I am excited to try it out but is it available in Singapore? I am currently using Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and it has been working well in drying up my zits. Thank you for your lovely comment too babe :)

Katina said...

So glad you changed the "About Me". The previous one did not do you justice !! :)

Unknown said...

Ahaha! Yea I'll probably change out the layout and cover pic of this blog soon and update more of the FAQs. A small little makeover maybe. I'm extremely busy these 2 months so the changes shall wait till I have some time to correct them. I'm glad people even read this section of blog! Cheers!

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