Batiste Dry Shampoo

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 Review for Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hey guys! Today I’m going to do a review on my new love, the Bastiste Original Dry Shampoo. I had no idea what a dry shampoo was until recent years. If you guys do not know what a dry shampoo does, which I think everyone knows, is after it is sprayed onto the roots, the powder absorbs the oils from the scalp and makes your hair look less greasy. 

Singapore is a very humid country. My hair gets oily super quickly. Even if I washed my hair the night before, the next day when I wake up, it is all greased up. I get super frustrated because my hair looks like a sticky, dirty, blotchy grease ball. 

I was looking for one for long time. I went to Sephora but those sold there were really expensive. I did not want to risk my cash on something I may not even like. So after some research on the net, I found Klorane dry shampoo which is highly raved by everyone. And suprisingly, it is available in Guardian! I was all ‘How can I not know that!’ I mean Guardian pharmacy is like my second home. 

Okay Dry Shampoos usually comes in aerosal cans which is not travel friendly (I don’t think this can be brought on planes since it is flammable) and some reviews even says that it clogs pores when sprayed directly on roots. Klorane also comes in non-aerosal forms which is brilliant. I wanted to get the non-aerosal one but could not find it ANYWHERE! 

Klorane Dry Shampoo (Aerosal)

Klorane (Non-aerosal)

So I initially wanted to opt for the Klorane Dry Shampoo in Aerosal form. They cost SGD$14.90 (150ml) at Guardian and right beside Klorane was the Batiste Dry Shampoo. Also in an aerosal can form, it costs only SGD$6.90 (150ml). GURL! Decisions, decisions! I read reviews about them too, some reviews were ‘meh’ some were ‘okay’ so I didn’t think that highly of them. But damn the price was just too inviting. 
Okay so after a long story, I bought the batiste one. I mean if I don’t like it, I can just throw it away right? Let me tell you guys, this stuff is legit! 




You can’t beat the price. Aerosal cans in general are prone to leakages and some reviewers state that they could only get a few uses out of these cans. I mean I can just purchase another bottle if I got a faulty one and it wouldn’t be so bad as compared to paying almost double the price. 

The Batiste dry shampoo delivers what it promises. The power is extremely finely milled and super easy to blend. I have jet black hair and I don’t really have a big problem with it. One tip is to NOT spray super hard on ONE spot because in that case you will be getting like a big blotch of white powder and that will be even harder to blend right? I do make mistakes like this sometimes, because the button isnt that easy to control, but trust me, practise makes perfect. After spraying, I just rub the powder into my hair and it looks as good as new.

Hair looks great after using it. If you have extremely oily hair, you may experience early greasing of hair. I don’t find any problem with it. I do notice greasing about 4-5 hours of usage but it really is not that noticeable at all. The bottle is super small which is great for on-the-go touch ups. 

Another benefit of dry shampoos is that it volumizes the hair. It does give my super flat hair the extra ‘Oomph’.

I did not experience any breakouts from it, but if you are prone to breakouts like me, protect your face while spraying directly.


Oh my gosh, I do not like the smell at all. It smells a lot like powdered lemon. It has a strong smell that screams artificial. Some describe the smell as baby powder. I kinda think it has a lemon-y smell though. But the smell is not that bad to the extent where I have to stop using it. For the price, I can close one eye for the smell.

I do not feel that the Batiste Dry shampoo makes the hair feel like you’ve just washed them. It looks amazing but it feels a little powdery maybe? But it really isn’t that bad at all.

It is common knowledge to not breathe in the fumes from any aerosol cans, however similar to all aerosol products, it is almost impossible to not breathe this stuff in.  

Yadda Yadda:
The Bastiste Dry Shampoo Original is available at all Guardian Pharmacy for SGD$6.90. Net Weight 150ml. Will I repurchase? Yes, until I find a better alternative. But for now, this product is my holy grail. I highly recommend you guyswho experiences greasy hair  to try it out. It is readily available and you definitely can’t beat the price. Do you guys use any dry shampoo? Do recommend me! 

Price: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

A/N: Sorry guys! This post is a little wordy and a little late so virtual hugs to you guys who read the entire article from the beginning to the end. Thumbs up for you ladies! 



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Bad news!

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Bad news guys! At least it is bad news for me. I reformatted my lappy today. My lappy wouldn’t on the whole day yesterday so I went to ACER service centre today and the guy told me that my hardisk was spoilt so I had to get it replace. Which means that all the info that was inside my computer was deleted. Yupp. All gone :(

I don’t really have anything important in my lappy but there were some reviews that I’ve completed and also a double eyelid tape tutorial/faqs post which I have been working on for super long. I’ve already completed the pictures and almost the entire write up but sadly, I’ve lost it. 

I might need some time to rewrite some of the reviews so hopefully I can get a review up in 2 days time.  
Anyway on a positive side note, the people at ACER service centre were awesome and cool so shoutout to them! I really needed all the technical help I could get, I’m a total noob at electronics. 

I’m so lucky to have posted the latest haul (previous post) before my computer broke down because I’ll have to redo everything ago which is nervewrecking . 

Okay that’s all the updates I have for you guys! Toodles! 



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Haul December 2011: ASOS, Gmarket, Zipia, Urbanoutfitters, Warehouse

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Hey guys! I just received my parcels and this post will be the long awaited haul. This post is like super super overdue so sorry! This time I was really smart and bought only items that I really liked to reduce my habit of impulse buying. So after much consideration these are the items that I bought and I really LOVE almost all of them! There are more items from more brands so yeah! Let get into it!

River Island Floral One Shoulder Frill Dress (ASOS £13.00)

Inner Lining

If you guys are familiar with ASOS, you guys know I love them! They definitely are on the pricier side but their sale section has an extremely wide catalogue from so many brands. I always go onto ASOS regularly as there are always some unexpected sales on brands and the prices ends up ridiculously cheap.

 I bought this dress from River Island (my absolute favourite brand) and originally it costs £44.99 but it went on sale for only £13.00 which is around SGD27. An absolute bargain! The quality is amazing and you guys may find the pattern & colour tacky but in real life it is really pretty (looks exactly like the pictures below). I got it in UK12 but it is a little loose, I should have gotten it in UK8 or 10. But it is a wonderful piece especially for a formal dinner. The dress looks really out of shape in the photo I took so I’ll leave some pictures from the net just to show you guys how it looks on.

Basic Knit T (Zipia US$13.00)

This is just a plain jumper I bought and I kinda didn’t expect it to be so freaking thick. It is really warm and baggy, it does make me look a little bulky but that is fine because I’m sure it will look really good with some jean shorts. The jumper is only available in one size but it probably will fit a UK14 at most. It is a little loose on me, I’m a UK8/10 but the price is cheap if you’re finding a really thick jumper for the colder weather. The material feels a little hard but I’m hoping the knit to soften after a few washes. 

Striped Lining Ponte Blazer (Forever21 US$16.68)

I bought this on Black Friday, that was how long ago I bought it. It’s original price was US$27 so there was a huge discount. I bought a Small and it fits me perfectly! I have broad shoulders and the Small was a perfect fit for me. The waist area is a little loose but that’s okay since I’m not going to button it up anyways. The blazer is super thick and comfy, the lining is silky smooth and it feels very high quality overall. I LOVE this blazer! A super buy! 

Striped Lining Ponte Blazer was sold out on the day of black Friday. How crazy!


BDG Heritage Deck Shoe (Urban outfitters US$19.99)

These shoes are originally US$49.99 so already it was a good bargain. I quite like the ‘boat-shoe’ style, they are really trendy this season. And doesn’t it look really expensive? At least to me it is. I think it looks way more costly than the price and I really like how it looks on me. I got it in a Size 9 (UK6) and it fits quite large on me. It is a little hard and a loose so I suggest sizing a size down. I wore this pair of shoes today and I got so many compliments. My friends told me that it looked way more expensive than the price which is awesome. Highly recommend!

Multi unique Rings (Zipia US$6)

I was looking for rings that has a simple design and not those with huge jewels / precious stones or majorly bling-ed rings. I was browsing Zipia and I chance upon these rings. They fit my criteria perfectly and it looked really nice on the model so I bought it. The set of 4 rings consists of 2 gold and 2 silver rings, they can be worn together or separated. I would say the price is okay and the quality is not bad, but the rings are a bit large on my fingers. They aren’t snug enough for my taste and it does fall out if I shake my hands harshly. So if you have petite fingers, I do not recommend it.

Long hair clips (Strandivarius @IonOrchard SGD$14) 

I got this while shopping with my friends at Ion Orchard. I find them to be a great alternative for boring bobby pins. They are pretty expensive for just hair pins but I do find it difficult to find similar designs anywhere else. I am not sure if they are still available but I got them not too long ago. I’m not sure how to describe where they are placed...they are in those plastic containers in front of the cashier and not at the accessories section.   

Glasses [TR DS037 B] & [NO. 2503 B] (Gmarket KRW12,520 ~ SGD$15)



I really wanted to try out geek glasses because they are such a huge trend now. Gmarket is the place to go for finding such accessories. They have a wide range of glasses, watches, jewellery and their prices are really reasonable. I got myself 2 glasses from the same ‘shop’. DS037 (first pair) fits really nicely but 2503 (second pair) slides down my nose a little. Both designs are really cute and cost around SGD$8 each. The shop owner was really kind to add in a pair of aviators as a gift! How nice! 


 Infinity Scarf (Warehouse SGD$23.00)

I got this scarf from Warehouse at Vivocity and isn’t it super cute?! The colour is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Original price of the scarf was SGD$49 so it was a super bargain! I bought this a few days ago so it should be available at other outlets. Mine was the last piece there so you guys might not want to head there to check. I got this for a coming overseas trip, details will be up soon! Super pumped for it!

A/N: I took more than an hour to take these photos so I really hope you guys like it! Follow my blog if you to get more updates on such hauls!

Check out my previous monthly hauls!



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Majolica Majorca Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

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Review for Majolica Majorca Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

Hey guys this will be a review on the Majolica Majorca Automatic Liquid Eyeliner I recently purchased at Watsons during a sale. I posted a haul which features this liquid eyeliner and I will link it here so go check it out!

Slightly glossy when it's wet


Product flakes off instead of smudging everywhere

The lasting power is great. I live in a very humid country and the eyeliner lasted a good 8 or 9 hours. Of course the line cracks and flakes a little as the day goes by, but the line still stays very apparent. 

So much more convenient because I just have to uncap, twist the end and draw. I always misplace my brushes especially eyeliner brushes because they are so tiny. Using the liquid eyeliner eliminates this problem.
Another good point is that this liquid liner does not smudge AT ALL!! Liquid liner usually does not smudge as bad as gel or pencil liners, but some does smudge on me. This liquid eyeliner does not budge at all so I highly recommend peeps with oily lids to try it out. 

The eyeliner removes in flakes which are awesome because most eyeliner smudges horribly when removed and end up having stains all over the face. The Majolica Majorca eyeliner definitely does not do that and I am highly impressed by it. It is easy and effortless to remove this eyeliner. 


It is a really good liquid eyeliner but will it replace my MAC Blacktrack Fluidline? Maybe. Gel liners overall for me are easier to apply, since I like my eyeliner to have a certain thickness. But find myself picking this up I do highly recommend liquid eyeliner for girls that prefer a thin line.

Using a liquid liner takes up more time because the brush is a lot thinner than my gel eyeliner brush and I do have to apply around 2 layers to get a really opaque black. Again for all liquid eyeliners, there is a waiting time
In my opinion to pay the full price is worth it for me, but I do understand that it can be a little pricey. It retails for SGD$22.90. There are a lot of sales going on at Watsons so do check them out regularly and you may find some awesome deals. I bought them during a sale and it cost only SGD$12.90 which is super awesome for the quality. 

The packaging can be quite tricky. After unwrapping the packaging there was like a brush with no liquid eyeliner in it, and a little white tube (I’m guessing it contains the liquid to prevent it from drying out in the liquid eyeliner). It took me awhile to figure out how to insert the tube into the actual product. So for first time users like me, it can be quite confusing.

Yadda Yadda:

The Majolica Majorca Automatic Liquid Eyeliner is available at all Watsons or anywhere that sells Majolica Majorca products. Will I repurchase? YES! Definitely! This works absolutely great and I highly recommend it to everyone especially those with oily lids. It may not be the best liquid eyeliner on the market but it works great, delivers what it promises and is pretty affordable. Do you guys have any liquid eyeliner to recommend? Share it with me!

Packaging: 5/5
Lasting Power: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Texture: 5/5
Overall rating: 5/5


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Haul: The Brush Guard, Neutrogena, Double Sided Eyelid Tape (Part II)

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Okay now onto items that my Aunt gave me. It was her Christmas present for me and I kind of misplace like half of the items so….hehe. And the package also includes a bunch of anti-aging skincare products which I gave my mum. So there weren’t a lot of products left for me. 

The first item and the one that I’m most excited about is The Body Shop check colour in 01. This is a baby pink blush with plum tones in it. At first glance, it looks really similar to MAC’s Coygirl which I do own. I’ll do a more specific review after trying it out. 

 My Aunt gave me a bunch of Lancome samples. I gave the Youth Activating Eye Concentrate to my mum because I have a weird complex with eye creams. I used to love them but after trying out one of Clinique’s eye cream, I started developing milias on my under eyes so I don’t really use eye creams that are too rich now.

I gave the The Body Shop lipstick in 06 to my mum because it was such a deep mauve-y colour, I think it suits a more matured woman. I look really horrible in lipsticks with brown undertones too so I tend to avoid those colours.

The 3 bottles are The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray, Body wash and body lotion from the Dreams unlimited line. I LOVE the foot spray, it smells fresh and it removes foot odour. I’m hoping it comes in a full size. The body wash and lotion are okay I guess, I will not be buying the full size as I don’t really like the smell. They smell manly, kinda like my dad. Too masculine for my taste maybe LOL! I prefer my peach body wash from The Body Shop which smells so heavenly. 

My Aunt always gave me Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells Mascara samples because she loves lancome and they do give a lot of samples. In my opinion, they do not hold curls that well but they do give more volume than my favourite mascara which is the Majolica Majorca Mascara. Since I have pin-straight lashes, this mascara does not work that well for me. 

The last item is red glass bottle (I forgot to take a close up of it) is a perfume from Lancome. It smells really nice but I much prefer my perfume over it. To me it is more of an older-person scent. I gave it to my mum and she loves it.

A/N: Am I the only one experiencing a problem with Hotmail? Geez, I can’t open or reply to any emails, it is so frustrating! Sorry for such a short post, I’m waiting for some packages to arrive to do a fashion haul so please be patient!

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