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 Review for Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hey guys! Today I’m going to do a review on my new love, the Bastiste Original Dry Shampoo. I had no idea what a dry shampoo was until recent years. If you guys do not know what a dry shampoo does, which I think everyone knows, is after it is sprayed onto the roots, the powder absorbs the oils from the scalp and makes your hair look less greasy. 

Singapore is a very humid country. My hair gets oily super quickly. Even if I washed my hair the night before, the next day when I wake up, it is all greased up. I get super frustrated because my hair looks like a sticky, dirty, blotchy grease ball. 

I was looking for one for long time. I went to Sephora but those sold there were really expensive. I did not want to risk my cash on something I may not even like. So after some research on the net, I found Klorane dry shampoo which is highly raved by everyone. And suprisingly, it is available in Guardian! I was all ‘How can I not know that!’ I mean Guardian pharmacy is like my second home. 

Okay Dry Shampoos usually comes in aerosal cans which is not travel friendly (I don’t think this can be brought on planes since it is flammable) and some reviews even says that it clogs pores when sprayed directly on roots. Klorane also comes in non-aerosal forms which is brilliant. I wanted to get the non-aerosal one but could not find it ANYWHERE! 

Klorane Dry Shampoo (Aerosal)

Klorane (Non-aerosal)

So I initially wanted to opt for the Klorane Dry Shampoo in Aerosal form. They cost SGD$14.90 (150ml) at Guardian and right beside Klorane was the Batiste Dry Shampoo. Also in an aerosal can form, it costs only SGD$6.90 (150ml). GURL! Decisions, decisions! I read reviews about them too, some reviews were ‘meh’ some were ‘okay’ so I didn’t think that highly of them. But damn the price was just too inviting. 
Okay so after a long story, I bought the batiste one. I mean if I don’t like it, I can just throw it away right? Let me tell you guys, this stuff is legit! 




You can’t beat the price. Aerosal cans in general are prone to leakages and some reviewers state that they could only get a few uses out of these cans. I mean I can just purchase another bottle if I got a faulty one and it wouldn’t be so bad as compared to paying almost double the price. 

The Batiste dry shampoo delivers what it promises. The power is extremely finely milled and super easy to blend. I have jet black hair and I don’t really have a big problem with it. One tip is to NOT spray super hard on ONE spot because in that case you will be getting like a big blotch of white powder and that will be even harder to blend right? I do make mistakes like this sometimes, because the button isnt that easy to control, but trust me, practise makes perfect. After spraying, I just rub the powder into my hair and it looks as good as new.

Hair looks great after using it. If you have extremely oily hair, you may experience early greasing of hair. I don’t find any problem with it. I do notice greasing about 4-5 hours of usage but it really is not that noticeable at all. The bottle is super small which is great for on-the-go touch ups. 

Another benefit of dry shampoos is that it volumizes the hair. It does give my super flat hair the extra ‘Oomph’.

I did not experience any breakouts from it, but if you are prone to breakouts like me, protect your face while spraying directly.


Oh my gosh, I do not like the smell at all. It smells a lot like powdered lemon. It has a strong smell that screams artificial. Some describe the smell as baby powder. I kinda think it has a lemon-y smell though. But the smell is not that bad to the extent where I have to stop using it. For the price, I can close one eye for the smell.

I do not feel that the Batiste Dry shampoo makes the hair feel like you’ve just washed them. It looks amazing but it feels a little powdery maybe? But it really isn’t that bad at all.

It is common knowledge to not breathe in the fumes from any aerosol cans, however similar to all aerosol products, it is almost impossible to not breathe this stuff in.  

Yadda Yadda:
The Bastiste Dry Shampoo Original is available at all Guardian Pharmacy for SGD$6.90. Net Weight 150ml. Will I repurchase? Yes, until I find a better alternative. But for now, this product is my holy grail. I highly recommend you guyswho experiences greasy hair  to try it out. It is readily available and you definitely can’t beat the price. Do you guys use any dry shampoo? Do recommend me! 

Price: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

A/N: Sorry guys! This post is a little wordy and a little late so virtual hugs to you guys who read the entire article from the beginning to the end. Thumbs up for you ladies! 




  1. hi, may I know which section of Guardian pharmacy did you get the Batiste dry shampoo from? I've been searching for it but I cannot find it!!


  2. @Emily

    Replied to your email babe! Glad you liked the product and my review was of help to you, Thanks so much for reading :)

  3. Hi! How does it feel touching your hair after using this shampoo? I mean I heard about putting some stuff like baby powder on oily hair and didn't like it at all! It looks okay (just okay), but kinda loses smoothness.. not silky! :( I don't know how to explain, just feels really bad, non-malleable.
    I was wondering if the same happens with this shampoo. Probably not cause it's specific for that, but I had to ask. Thanks a lot, love your blog!
    Greetings from Brazil. :)

  4. @Laisa

    Hello! Thanks for reading my blog, I've also tried baby powder before and I didn't like how it felt. It felt much more powdery and hard to blend especially on dark hair. Baby powder also was not able to control oils as well.

    The Batiste Dry Shampoo is a little less powdery, and much more blendable. The extent of oil controlling really depends on your hair texture. For me it did quite a good job so I guess it is a love or hate product.

    My hair still feels and looks shiny after blending out the product, but the hair may look powdery if there is too much product, so do use in consideration :)

  5. Hi! I have been in several different guardian stores but I didnt see the batiste dry shampoo. I ended up buying the klorane one but I only found it in John Little and yday j bought the sephora one just to try out as well. Anyway, would you know whereelse I could find the batiste? I really want to try 'em all..

    1. Hello Melanie!

      I think they are only at selected Guardian Pharmacies. You can check the Guardian at IMM. I think that is where I got mine. I'll get the Klorane one too if I happen to pass by any John Little stores.

      Thanks for reading my blog! Have a nice day ahead :)

  6. Hiya! Thanks so much for the review, I have been hunting around for the Batiste dry shampoo for a while now and no luck :( Hopefully I find it soon.

    1. Hi Shyamala Raj!

      Thank you for reading babe! Sorry for the late reply, if you are residing in Singapore, I guess you can give IMM's guardian outlet a try? I got mine from there. Otherwise you can try John Little Outlets? Judging from previous comments, I think they carry it there as well.

      I don't think dry shampoos can be air flown though, because it is an aerosol product and you know all the shenanigans about aerosol stuff. Hopefully you find a dry shampoo in your area babe! :) Cheers!

  7. do they come in different colours, eg for brown hair etc ? or the powder/colour blends in with your hair ?

    does it feel like hairspray, slightly sticky then hard ??

    i'd like to try it to add some volume too !!

    1. Hi Marilyn!

      I think they do carry a variety of dry shampoos in other countries, but not in Singapore, at least from what I found. When I got mine, I only saw 1 type which is the one I bought.

      I have black hair, although it does deposit white powder initially, after blending it out I don't really find any grey patches. But you really have to work it out.

      It feels exactly like putting talcum powder in your hair. It does not make the hair sticky or hard at all. Do give it a try! :) Cheers!

  8. Great ! I also didn't notice that dry shampoos are available @ Guardians. O.o