Haul! January 2012: Gmarket, ASOS, Newlook

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Yay! This post is my month haul which I showcase fashion items that I bought over the entire month, in this case, the month of January! This month I don’t have a ton of items because I was really busy plus the festive periods, it has been really hectic. I do have some cute stuff to share though! Sorry guys I have to make this post a short one because I have some projects due in a couple of days and I am really rushing them through. 


Beige Cardigan [Gmarket – KRW19,900 (approx SGD$24)]

I really love this cardigan, it is made really well and have quite a good weight to it. I always like my cardigans to be a little bit heavier because it just flows better in my opinion. The cardigan reaches the most appropriate length, around 3 quarter or my butt I would say. The seams are nicely done and there are no flying threads. The buttons are sturdy too. It is exactly what I expected and looks super nice and is quite warm surprisingly. There are of course cheaper cardigans at Gmarket but I feel that the quality is definitely top notch. I am considering of purchasing another cardigan from the same ‘shop’. As shown in the pictures, there is an additional button attached to the tag. Highly recommend!

Indi-pink Cardigan [Gmarket - KRW12,900 (approx SGD$16)]

Colour is a little bit dull here. Above pictures are more true to colour.

This is a beautiful mauve-y pink cardigan, I love this colour so much and it is really true to colour. The colour Indi-Pink (directly translated from Korean) is kind of like a dirty pink. The cardigan just looks adorable. But I was kind of disappointed with the workmanship, the seams are not done very well and the sewing work is kind of shoddy. It is a cheap cardigan but I don’t really recommend it to anyone. I would rather spend a little more and get the above one. This cardigan is shorter and reaches to my hip bone. 


River Island chain detail loafer [ASOS – £15 (approx SGD$30)]

As I have mentioned in my previous hauls, River Island is one of my favourite brands. Their products are all super high quality and are focuses heavily of small details which I am absolutely fond of. This pair of shoes is so adorable with chains and tassels. Loafers are very popular this season so a good pair of loafers is definitely a staple in every girl’s shoe collection. They are pretty heavy though but I do like the weight. The sole feels very high quality.

The only problem with this is that the leather or PU is pretty hard and the shoe is more of narrower cut, therefore when I wore it the first time, the sides of my pinky toe hurt so bad. Other than that, a good buy. I saw it at ION Orchard River Island outlet during the end of season sale and even after the sale, it costs around SGD$65. So being able to purchase it at only 30 bucks is such a HUGE bargain. I got my size in UK6 which is a size EU39. It fits so nicely on my feet. I highly recommend this pair of shoes. 

Newlook real suede pumps [Newlook – SGD$30]

Yikes it looks really dirty but I assure you guys it isn't that bad in real life 

I have worn this so many times which is why it looks so beaten up in the pictures. I bought this at a Newlook outlet and it was originally $59.99 but went on sale for only $30. They aren’t the most comfortable pumps in the whole wide world; the inside is a rough fabric which explains the soreness at the bottom of my feet if I walked a lot in it.  But they go well with everything and are those simple shoes that you can just throw them on without considering much. They are made of real suede and surprisingly the outside did not get dirty easily. I highly recommend them if you can find them anywhere. I found an extremely similar pair of shoes on Topshop.com for €33 so yay! Link for extremelysimilar pair of shoes. 

*Bought in stores

That’s all babes! Have a nice day ahead! Sorry for the short post! Do feel free to ask me anything either down in the comment section or by email :) I do reply to all emails as soon as I can. 

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Nails: Revlon 919 Black lingerie over China Glaze CG In The City



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Nails: Revlon 919 Black lingerie over China Glaze CG In The City

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Hey guys! As you all have already known I have been on the hunt for China Glaze Urban Night but I could not find it anywhere. I did not want to buy it online because I just find it such a hassle and time consuming. Recently I went to my nearby Watsons and found Revlon nail polishes on sale for SGD$7.90 from the usual SGD$9.90 so I went ahead and grabbed 919 Black Lingerie. 

Black Lingerie is a creamy black with no shimmers at all. It has a very watery texture and I just need 2 coats to get an even and beautiful black shade. I think black nail polishes are a very universal colour and definitely a stable in my nail polish collection. It can be worn on its own or worn under any glitter polish and the black will bring out the glitters even more. I would love to try out more glitter polishes over this beauty soon. 

In this look, I am using China Glaze CG In The City over Black Lingerie.

Okay enough talk, let’s get the photos on! Please note that nails in the photos taken below are a few days old therefore there are some peeling and cracking. I do apologize for that. Please excuse any mistakes and enjoy!

With Flash

Aren’t they lovely? I got tons of compliments when I wore this combination during Lunar New Year. My friend describes the nail colour as star gazing because the glitters resemble tiny little stars in the wide galaxy and it is just so mesmerizing. And did you notice any difference in the photos of this post? All the pictures are in EXTRA LARGE! They are so pretty even in extra large so might as well enlarge all the photos.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and if you haven’t read my review on China Glaze CG In The City, I will link it right here so check it out! 



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Haul: Cetaphil, Revlon nail polishes, UBU, Scholl, Daiso

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Hey guys! Today I’m doing a short makeup/ skincare haul of items that I’ve gotten recently. Specific reviews will be done in future after I have tested the products for some time so as to provide a better judgment. Prices and where I got them are all stated below. Have fun reading!

Cetaphil Cleanser for Face and Body

As most of my readers do not know, I am a Proactiv user. I will definitely do a post going more indepth into the whole Proactiv saga and my experience with it soon. I recently ran out of my regular step 1 renewing cleanser and I could not find it anywhere, I think I went to 4 different Guardian Pharmacy and Watson but they were all sold out. I really wanted to try out the Cetaphil cleanser for some time now so I went ahead and got it. For now I do think that it works really nicely, but I’m still at the purging period so I have to use it long enough to give a full review.  I paid around SGD$13 for my bottle. 

Revlon nail polishes

I got the Revlon nail polishes on sale at Watsons for around SGD$7.90 each and I got them in the shade 919 Black Lingerie and 705 Gray Suede. I’ve tried both of them and their formula are extremely watery very similar to Sally Hansen nail polishes. I do tend to like watery nail polishes more as mistakes are more forgivable and you can go over a spot multiple times and they do not have the bulging clot of nail polishes if you get what I meant. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to dry.

Black lingerie is a true black and I need 2 coats to get a really opaque colour. Grey Suede is said to be a dupe for OPI Tickle My France-y but from my experience Gray Suede contains tiny silver shimmers which Tickle My France-y does not. Colour wise they are very similar.

UBU Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

I am using my current favourite Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil everyday now and if you have not read my review, I’ll link it here. This Urban Decay concealer pencil requires a sharpener that is larger than the regular pencils. I also did not want to use my sharpener for my eye pencils for my concealer because that would just gross and unhygienic. Therefore I bought the UBU sharpener that comes with a regular sharpener and a larger one. I can’t remember how much they cost, I think they are around SGD$6-7.

Scholl & Daiso comfort inserts / shoe aids

Also the Scholl and Daiso shoe comfort inserts which I did a how to wear loose fitting shoes in the previous post. I pretty much explained everything in that post so do check it out here. They are really affordable and are available everywhere so I do highly recommend them if your shoes are a little bit loose.  

Sorry there aren’t a lot of items in this haul, there weren't a ton of stuff that interested me. So did you guys enjoy your new year? Did you get lots of red packets? Well I did! I wished it was longer though, the past few days flew past me so quickly. I hope you guys have a great day ahead!  



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