Nails: Revlon 919 Black lingerie over China Glaze CG In The City

Hey guys! As you all have already known I have been on the hunt for China Glaze Urban Night but I could not find it anywhere. I did not want to buy it online because I just find it such a hassle and time consuming. Recently I went to my nearby Watsons and found Revlon nail polishes on sale for SGD$7.90 from the usual SGD$9.90 so I went ahead and grabbed 919 Black Lingerie. 

Black Lingerie is a creamy black with no shimmers at all. It has a very watery texture and I just need 2 coats to get an even and beautiful black shade. I think black nail polishes are a very universal colour and definitely a stable in my nail polish collection. It can be worn on its own or worn under any glitter polish and the black will bring out the glitters even more. I would love to try out more glitter polishes over this beauty soon. 

In this look, I am using China Glaze CG In The City over Black Lingerie.

Okay enough talk, let’s get the photos on! Please note that nails in the photos taken below are a few days old therefore there are some peeling and cracking. I do apologize for that. Please excuse any mistakes and enjoy!

With Flash

Aren’t they lovely? I got tons of compliments when I wore this combination during Lunar New Year. My friend describes the nail colour as star gazing because the glitters resemble tiny little stars in the wide galaxy and it is just so mesmerizing. And did you notice any difference in the photos of this post? All the pictures are in EXTRA LARGE! They are so pretty even in extra large so might as well enlarge all the photos.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and if you haven’t read my review on China Glaze CG In The City, I will link it right here so check it out! 




  1. Hello!
    I just found your blog when I was googling for beauty product reviews. I love beauty products too, but I'm too shy to show my face on the internet so it's pretty hard to share with people.
    I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you!
    xx Katie.

  2. @ApartmentCat

    Hello! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am a pretty shy person too but I really wanted to share my 2 cents on my purchases to anyone who is interested in listening to my rants. So I created this humble blog and I really enjoy updating it. I just love this space where I know someone out there is benefiting from my thoughts. It just feels good!

    A new fashion haul will be posted either tomorrow or the day after so do look out for that :)Thank you for commenting!