Haul: Cetaphil, Revlon nail polishes, UBU, Scholl, Daiso

Hey guys! Today I’m doing a short makeup/ skincare haul of items that I’ve gotten recently. Specific reviews will be done in future after I have tested the products for some time so as to provide a better judgment. Prices and where I got them are all stated below. Have fun reading!

Cetaphil Cleanser for Face and Body

As most of my readers do not know, I am a Proactiv user. I will definitely do a post going more indepth into the whole Proactiv saga and my experience with it soon. I recently ran out of my regular step 1 renewing cleanser and I could not find it anywhere, I think I went to 4 different Guardian Pharmacy and Watson but they were all sold out. I really wanted to try out the Cetaphil cleanser for some time now so I went ahead and got it. For now I do think that it works really nicely, but I’m still at the purging period so I have to use it long enough to give a full review.  I paid around SGD$13 for my bottle. 

Revlon nail polishes

I got the Revlon nail polishes on sale at Watsons for around SGD$7.90 each and I got them in the shade 919 Black Lingerie and 705 Gray Suede. I’ve tried both of them and their formula are extremely watery very similar to Sally Hansen nail polishes. I do tend to like watery nail polishes more as mistakes are more forgivable and you can go over a spot multiple times and they do not have the bulging clot of nail polishes if you get what I meant. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to dry.

Black lingerie is a true black and I need 2 coats to get a really opaque colour. Grey Suede is said to be a dupe for OPI Tickle My France-y but from my experience Gray Suede contains tiny silver shimmers which Tickle My France-y does not. Colour wise they are very similar.

UBU Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

I am using my current favourite Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil everyday now and if you have not read my review, I’ll link it here. This Urban Decay concealer pencil requires a sharpener that is larger than the regular pencils. I also did not want to use my sharpener for my eye pencils for my concealer because that would just gross and unhygienic. Therefore I bought the UBU sharpener that comes with a regular sharpener and a larger one. I can’t remember how much they cost, I think they are around SGD$6-7.

Scholl & Daiso comfort inserts / shoe aids

Also the Scholl and Daiso shoe comfort inserts which I did a how to wear loose fitting shoes in the previous post. I pretty much explained everything in that post so do check it out here. They are really affordable and are available everywhere so I do highly recommend them if your shoes are a little bit loose.  

Sorry there aren’t a lot of items in this haul, there weren't a ton of stuff that interested me. So did you guys enjoy your new year? Did you get lots of red packets? Well I did! I wished it was longer though, the past few days flew past me so quickly. I hope you guys have a great day ahead!  



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