How to: Loose fitting shoes

How to: Loose fitting shoes

Do you have a pair of shoes half a size too large? Do you enjoy purchasing shoes online but really unsure if the shoe fits? Fret not because I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make your shoes fit nicely. 

I know the most popular method to enlarge shoes is the ice method where you place water in a zip-lock bag into the front portion of the shoe, put the shoes in the freezer and when the water freezes, it expands about half an inch. I’ll link videos below so you guys can go check it out.

So now, what can we do to walk comfortably in loose fitting shoes? I recently bought a pair of boat shoes from BDG which I’ll link my haul post right here, these babies are so adorable but sadly a tad too big. I still want to wear them, but can’t help but feel super uncomfortable with my heel slipping out and my feet moving about in shoe. 

This is the pair of boat shoes I will be working with:

I went to Watsons to purchase both the Scholl Air-Pillo Comfort Half Insoles & Scholl Heel Leather Liners. And yes Pillo was spelt that way, I had to check twice. For you guys who are not familiar with Scholl, Scholl is a very old and renowned shoe company and have a wide variety of such shoe aid, plasters for blisters and etc. Their shoes are a tad expensive but famous for their comfort and durability. My mum loves the brand and has been a fan since I was born. 

These shoe aids are able to improve the fit of loose fitting shoes, cushioned for comfort and pressure relief and prevent friction and heel slip. The Scholl Heel Leather Liners are made from real leather, pretty impressive. They both come in a pair and the insoles costs SGD$5.30 and the Heel Leather Liners cost SGD$5.90. They are available at Watsons along the band-aid aisle.

They are not reusable but I’m sure they can be used for quite some time until they get all dirty and stinky but they are pretty affordable so no harm buying a few more pairs in case of emergencies right? 

They are pretty self explanatory so I’ll just go ahead and show some photos of how the stickers look like and how I apply them. You actually only need 1 type of shoe stickers for a pair of shoes, unless your shoes are like 2 sizes big but for demonstration purposes I did all of them on a pair. 

Scholl Heel Leather Liners

Adhesive tape behind


I think I did quite a good job, the heel liners are very easy to apply and the adhesive power is very good. The packet says to leave it on for 8 hours before wearing them, but who cares; I worn it for reunion dinner tonight and it works just fine.

 Scholl Air-Pillo Comfort Half Insoles


Can you see the thin fabric above the foam insoles?

 These insoles comes with separate double sided stickers

Apply on tape on foam side not on the fabric side


The Scholl shoe pads are a wee bit trickier to apply but if you made any errors just peel them off and stick them again.

If you think that the Scholl shoe pads are too expensive and you would want a cheaper alternative, I bought some sticker shoe pads from Daiso which costs only SGD$2 for a pair. Similar to the Scholl pads, the Daiso shoe pads also comes with a adhesive surface which the package stated are for leather shoes. So I’m not so sure if it adheres to fabric surfaces but I recommend using it on leather or ‘leather surface’ shoes. I found mine around the insole section at Daiso. 

Daiso Heel Pad for ladies

Adhesive bottom

And my camera battery died so there is no application picture for the Daiso pads, but I just applied it the same way as the last third picture and it fits perfectly. It has a very silicone texture and is super soft. They are great for shoes with hard soles and in no time you will be feeling like you are walking on clouds. 

I bought all the items myself and their prices and stores are already listed above. 

That all babes!

A/N: Update! Check out my review on Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Heel Shield! 

I hope this ‘how to’ post helped you girls out there who are facing the same problem as me. Now we can all purchase shoes online without worrying if they fit perfectly, because….they don’t have to!  Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

‘It is not about how the shoe fits us but how we blend perfectly into the shoes.’  

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