Urban Beauty United UBU brushes no. 10 & 11

Review for Urban Beauty United UBU brushes no. 10 & 11

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing UBU brushes which are brought to Watsons a year ago. They are famous for their coloured cosmetic brushes & sponges which are economical and eye catching. Their website does not state anything therefore I’m not really sure what kind of bristles they are. I am thinking they are synthetic but they don’t find as smooth as the Ecotools brushes so I’m not sure about that.   

I got the 2 pink bristle brushes some time ago just to try them out, the powder brush and the angled blush brush, but I haven’t thought of reviewing them. I was washing my brushes a few days ago, and it kinds motivated me to do a review for them so here it is. 

 No. 10 Screen Preen Powder Brush
 Use for applying powder foundation, blusher, bronzer and shimmer

 No. 11 Berry Blush Angled Blusher Blush
 Great for achieving chiseled cheeks. Use for applying blusher and bronzer.


 No. 11


They have a wide range of brushes. Stippling, powder, blush, eyeshadow, kabuki brushes, this is definitely very helpful for beginners to build up their makeup brush set. UBU also makes accessories such as tweezers, eyelash curler, false eyelashes etc. 

Very pretty and attractive, the pink, purple, orange brushes and applicators are just too irresistible to any female. And I do have to give huge props to their designing team because that is some intelligent marketing strategy there.

With the different fancy colours on sponges and applicators, it is easy to differentiate and allocate different shades to different colour applicators. For example, using the hot pink applicator for darker shades and using the orange applicator for lighter shades. In that way, the shades will not get all messed up.   
I find these brushes to shed lesser than some other brushes that I have such as the Coastal Sands one which could not stop shedding. These adorable brushes apply powder and blush pretty decently. They pick up product well and do get the job done

UBU brushes have a plastic barrel with a decent weight. The length is very similar to most brushes. I am not really particular about lengths of my brushes but you guys can go to your nearest Watsons to try holding them.


As you guys can see from the pictures, the brushes are deeply dyed, and when I say dyed, I mean the bristles contain heavy artificial dye in them. I know almost all brushes contain dye but not many contain hot pink dye. I made it a point to wash brushes before I first use them because you really do not know where they have been placed before packaged. So washing is a must for all brushes before using them. 

When I first rinse them under the tap without any kind of soap, the water immediately went pink. Imagine all that dye on your face. I washed them consistently for 4/5 times (rinse, soap, rinse) and my cloth still turned a light pink. So I washed it a couple more times and kind of stopped there since I know there was no way I could get the dye all out. 

Another huge con is that the bristles are really rough and scratchy. I’ve read so many reviews on them and all the reviewers said that the bristles were smooth and soft. No way are these soft. These bristles scratch the face and are pretty hard so it is not really a very pleasant feeling. The Ecotools brushes are so much softer compared to these cheap brushes.

Yadda Yadda:
All in all, I do feel that you get for what you pay; you really cannot expect to get high quality brushes with a few pennies can we? They are pretty decent for economical brushes and are great presents for friends who are just beginning in makeup. BUT! If you have an extra buck, go for Ecotools, I feel you get much more use and quality out of them. I believe I paid around SGD$10 for each brush. Will I repurchase? Sadly, no. I find them too scratchy for my liking. Do you guys have any cheap and good brushes to recommend?

Packaging: 4/5 (-1 for heavy dye content)
Price: 5/5
Effectiveness: 3/5
Quality: 2.5/5 (rough bristles, scratchy)
Overall rating: 3.5/5


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