Nyx Blush in Cinnamon & The Body Shop Blush in 01 (Part 1)

Nyx Blush in Cinnamon & The Body Shop Blush in 01 

Hey guys! Today will be a 2 part review, this post will be the first part and the second part will be uploaded in the later night. 2 reviews in 1 day! Double combo BOOYAH! Okay jokes aside, the reason why I’m sticking doing these 2 blush reviews side by side is because there are some comparisons going on but they are too long to be posted in 1 post you get what I mean, so yea. I’ll be doing my MAC blush reviews pretty soon so do look out for that. 

Nyx Powder Blush in Cinnamon

I’ve been really interested to try this out since a youtuber I love, Oiseau88 always rave about this blush and I have never owned an orange blush before. Cinnamon is a stark orange blush that I initially thought that it will be hard to work with, since it IS an orange blush. 



You may think, ‘What? Orange blush?! Is she out of her mind?’ I initially thought so too. I mean I love my corals but Orange? But the first time I tried it, I was hooked. The orange blush looks really scary in the pan but on the cheek it turns slightly pinkish, maybe due to the natural redness from my cheeks but it looked beautiful! 

I really liked how it turned out on my cheeks and I do think that it works well with both fairer and darker skin tones. It instantly warms up the face and it gives off a radiant energy. The adorable sunkissed cheeks are great for the summer and suitable for any season in my opinion. The blush lasts forever on my cheeks.

The texture is really smooth. As you guys can see from the heavily swatched photo of Cinnamon, it does have a sheen to it, but when it is applied on the face, you really cannot see any sheen at all.

The blush is super affordable but it is not available in Singapore therefore you do have to purchase it online. But it cost only around SGD$8 or 9 so it is still very cheap compared to Revlon or Loreal blushes which can cost up to SGD$20 here. 


Cinnamon is an extremely pigmented blush so you do need to use a really light hand when applying this blush, nobody likes in-the-face orange cheeks do we. What I do is I tap my brush gently on the powder, tap off excess and pat it on my cheeks, then gradually build colour from there. It may look patchy if not applied lightly.  

The packaging is a little tricky.  It sometimes takes me around 3 or 4 tries to open it. Definitely can be improved.

Yadda Yadda:

I do think it is a great investment if you want to try out an orange blush but unsure if it suits your skin tone. Better than paying 30 bucks for a MAC blush, the NYX Cinnamon is a much cheaper alternative. Not many brands produce orange blushes that are true to colour, great quality and pigmented so I highly recommend everyone to try it out. Will I repurchase? Definitely.

Packaging: 3/5
Product: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Lasting power: 5/5
Overall rating: 4.5/5




  1. This blush shade looks pretty cute! I'm always scared of applying too much or not applying it to suit the shape of my face though T_T

  2. @Tulip Love

    Yes! I do have those worries too, such as what if my application was not equal on both cheeks, are they too red etc. I would say practice makes perfect but I do make a lot of mistakes too so oh well :)