Haul! April 2012: H&M, Newlook, ASOS, Zipia

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Sorry guys this post is way overdue. The reason why I haven’t post this up yet was because in this episode you will see that there is lots of dark clothing and my camera does NOT like dark colours at all. My white balance goes absolutely bonkers with dark clothing so I was trying to get inspired for other ways of taking outfit photos but failed miserably which led to some downtime. Therefore in most pictures here, the white balance was thrown off scale so please forgive me for that. 

I’m trying to find new ways of taking nicer pictures so please stay with me while I play around and improve myself! 

If you guys are new here, this is my monthly fashion haul where I showcase apparels that I have purchase within the entire month. Sadly, there are not many items the month of April. Okay so let’s get started with the haul!

 H&M Grey Jersey T-shirt [SGD$20]

From H&M I bought a very adorable dark gray jersey shirt. The reason I bought it was actually because the shirt looked like something a little kid would wear so I was sold on that. The lining is very distinct and I find it so cute and the material is actually very high quality. It may not show on the pictures but the shirt is of a harder material and that makes it stay in that form & position. 

Originally it was $40 but was on sale for $20. Gray shirts are usually a big taboo for me, since I live in a desert and nobody likes sweaty pits. But the gray was very dark and it was just too adorable to give it up. I bought it in size 36 and it was way too big. I didn’t try it because the queue was way too freaking long but the bagginess looks alright.  

Newlook Black Peterpan Collar Lace Shift Dress [SGD$40]

This uber cute dress is from Newlook and I bought it on sale for $40 originally for $80. If I remembered it correctly it was either the last or second last piece and both did not come in a Size 10. So I made do with a Size 12 and altered 2.5 inches off the length to make it more wearable. What sold me on this dress is because of the collars. As you guys already know, I am a huge collar person so it was love at first sight. The quality is nice and gold zipper works really well.

 ASOS Midi Skirt [ASOS - £$12]

This midi skirt was a very lucky purchase because it was totally sold out the next day on ASOS. I kinda knew it was going to be like a big hit for everyone so I went ahead and got it first. Close enough all 3 colours (black, purple, jade green) were almost sold out the next day. I bought it in UK10 and seriously this skirt is super tight on me. I am not a naturally curvy girl and my waist isn’t really the tiniest out there so it may make sense. The skirt does not have a waistband so I may have to get rid of some pounds to not have to suffer wearing it. The quality is fabulous and the length is perfect. I am 165cm and it ends around 4 inches above the ankles.

 Rare Coral Scallop Collar Dress [ASOS - £$14]

Also from ASOS this dress was one that I bought pretty long ago. The colour on the site was like a more washed out pastel coral colour but in real life it is more of a in-your-face coral colour. I guess I can always wear a cardigan to tone down the brightness. I always find that I have to alter the length of skirts or dresses bought from western countries (River Island, warehouse, etc) because their models are just so tall, but for this dress I do not have to. For reference I am 165cm. I bought it in UK14 because it was the only size available. The waist band is self-tied so I can adjust it according to the thickness of my waist. Bright colours are always a cheerful spark in a dull boring Monday.

Zipia Peterpan collar T-shirt [Zipia - USD$24]


I am actually really disappointed in this top. I thought it was more of a polyester think flowy material top but it is of a very thick, heavy material. And usually zipia clothing sizes are really petite, maybe up to a UK size 12/14. But this top is strangly huge and the cut is pretty unflattering. It looks like I’m wearing my dad’s top or something. And since it is cream slightly grayish, it shows sweat stains really well and I absolutely hate fabric which shows wet marks. Maybe I’ll try wearing it on a cooler day instead.  

So That's all folks! Stay tune for next week's May Haul! 

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Maybelline Watershine Pure in B24

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Review for Maybelline Watershine Pure in B24

Hey guys! Okay so first and foremost, sorry I haven’t uploaded a post in a week, I will try to update you guys more in this week’s post. My gramps has been really ill lately and yesterday he was admitted to the hospital but I’m so glad that everything is alright now. 

Today, I’ll be reviewing a product sent to me as a gift recently from Katina which is the Maybelline Watershine Pure in B24! Thank you so much for this gift I’m so happy to receive it! There is also a little note inside which is so thoughtful so thank you once again. I really enjoyed the product which is a lovely surprise because I always pass by Maybelline lip products without giving a second thought of trying them out.

This particular shade is a warm coral candy pink and as stated in the name, it has an extremely glossy finish and is very moisturizing.



I love the finish to bits. If you have dry lips, this is going to be the lipstick for you. It is less streaky than most moisturizing lipsticks I’ve tried before and it amazingly diminishes all the cracks and dry areas. My pictures did not do this lipstick any justice at all!

The lipstick is not as sheer as a lip gloss but not as pigmented as a dry formula lipstick. I find it quite buildable and I love that extremely glossy look it gives when loads are packed on. 

I can see it as a very easy to mix colour, you can top it off a nude colour and tone down the redness of this lipstick or add it over a pale pink colour and sort of brighten it up.  

The packaging is very simple and practical. Not much design going on which can definitely be improved. But overall, I’m very pleased with the size and durability. 

The product itself although is creamy, it is quite strong and hard. I don’t think it would melt or break off during normal conditions unless you place it in a extremely warm area or press on it harshly. Usually creamy or ‘wet’ lip products such as my NYX tinted lip spa in Copacabana tend to melt off the edges but I’m fine with this Maybelline lipstick.

 It still dried out my lips a little but compared to other lipsticks that I've tried, the moisturizing factor is pretty amazing. I mean even lip balms dry the crap out of my lips. Just so you guys know. For people without dry lips I'm sure this will be very moisturizing for you.


Well, as all creamy and moisturizing lip products do, they do not stay on the lips for long. Reapplication every once in awhile is needed and it tends to fall into cracks upon drinking but I just rub my lips together and the streaks go away. 

It comes in only a limited number of shades and the most of them are reds so I would love it if Maybelline can produce more shades in this line in the near future. 

Creamy lip products usually get used up pretty quickly, that’s nothing new. Within a few reapplications, I can already see a dent in it. However for the price of SGD13.90, this is a real steal. 

Similarly to all coral pinks, it does make the teeth look a little yellow but that can’t really be avoided.

Yadda Yadda:

This was a gift from Katina, I did not pay it with my money. Will I repurchase? YES! It cost SGD$13.90 at Guardian Pharmacies and for the price, this lipstick is so worth it. So go get it immediately!

Packaging: 4/5 (Plain looking but very practical)
Price: 5/5 (extremely affordable)
Long lasting: 3/5 (frequent reapplication)
Overall ratings: 4/5

A/N: I hadn’t had a chance to purchase another shade yet but if I have I’ll post a picture of it up! Come back tomorrow for my April Fashion Haul! 



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