Thursday Plantation Australia’s Original Tea Tree Oil

Review for Thursday Plantation Australia’s Original Tea Tree Oil

Hey guys! I've been really busy at work and having office politics surrounding me isn't helping at all so this is just a simple post that I would like to share. Please enjoy!
I’m sure you guys are familiar with the benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil has proven antiseptic antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. They prevent infection and relieves inflammations are great for acne, stinky feet, boils, cuts, scratches and insect bites

In my opinion, they are a definitely an essential on my vanity table because they are pretty useful during emergencies. They are available in 2 sizes – 10ml ($11 approx) and 25ml ($19 approx). If you are not sure whether you going to like it or not, I suggest purchasing the smaller bottle first just to try it out.

First and foremost, I don’t use it particularly for my zits because I really do not find it effective. I use it more for itches and a keloid from my helix piercing which I am getting fairly good results so I may do a keloid/hypertrophic scarring (or in simple words- bump growth from piercing) post after I have seen a significant difference or find out a way to reduce it. 


Small bottle (10ml)

 Big bottle (25ml)


I find it works best for itches and swelling such as boils or intense mosquito bites. I once got a huge boil (probably for using the computer too much) on my butt and I was immobile. The pain was too intense and walking every step felt like skin ripping off. Even the doctor was surprised from the size and suggested surgery unless it popped itself. I applied tea tree oil together with some Chinese herbal ointment and like 1 or 2 days later it popped into some kind of nasty stuff.  

Since it is an antiseptic oil, it treats swelling and wounds very well. I do not find it stings but it really depends on the severity of the wound. 

I initially purchased Tea tree oil because of the raves I heard it has in treating pimples. But I put off buying for a while because of the word ‘Oil’. I mean wouldn’t putting oil on my face make the zit worse? Contrary to the term oil, it is more of a liquid water texture so fret not about the word ‘oil’. It is not oily at all! 


This stuff is pungent, like I’m not even kidding, for the first few times, you will be blown off by the strong smell. It is not anything disgusting but it has a very distinct unique smell that only tea tree oil has so it is hard to describe the smell in words. I got used to it fairly quickly. 

The cap on the smaller bottle is very problematic but similarly, you get use to the hang it. The cap requires a push and turn to unscrew and I’m not kidding about how tough it is to unscrew it. Initially I got so fed up with the cap I gave up on using it. Yes it was that bad. The good thing is the larger bottle comes with a different cap. The cap on the larger bottle is a simple twist to unscrew cap so it make everything so much more convenient. 

I do not find it that effective in treating pimples compared to a regular acne cream. I do agree it dries out the zits but it has a liquid texture, usually the surrounding skin is dried up as well. For me tea tree oil does not dry up the zit any much quicker but I cannot say so for everyone because many find it very effective. 

Yadda Yadda:

I bought mine from both Watsons and Guardian pharmacy, prices are as stated above. I will recommend it if you are looking for a topical antiseptic ointment or a mild acne treatment that has a variety of uses. Will I repurchase? Definitely.

Packaging: 4/5 (-1 for annoying cap on 10ml bottle)
Price: 4/5 (pretty pricey but made in Australia)
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5




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    1. Thank you! Work has been getting better these days! I hope you liked the review :)