Bad news!

Bad news guys! At least it is bad news for me. I reformatted my lappy today. My lappy wouldn’t on the whole day yesterday so I went to ACER service centre today and the guy told me that my hardisk was spoilt so I had to get it replace. Which means that all the info that was inside my computer was deleted. Yupp. All gone :(

I don’t really have anything important in my lappy but there were some reviews that I’ve completed and also a double eyelid tape tutorial/faqs post which I have been working on for super long. I’ve already completed the pictures and almost the entire write up but sadly, I’ve lost it. 

I might need some time to rewrite some of the reviews so hopefully I can get a review up in 2 days time.  
Anyway on a positive side note, the people at ACER service centre were awesome and cool so shoutout to them! I really needed all the technical help I could get, I’m a total noob at electronics. 

I’m so lucky to have posted the latest haul (previous post) before my computer broke down because I’ll have to redo everything ago which is nervewrecking . 

Okay that’s all the updates I have for you guys! Toodles! 



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