Haul! February 2012: Forever21, Newlook, Dr Martens

February Haul! Forever21, Newlook, Dr Martens

What’s up y’all! Today is going to be my monthly haul post where I introduce my loots for my entire month. I am going to Korea in a day’s time and I have been so busy preparing for this trip so I’m sorry that this post is 3 days late! There is more winter clothing in this post because the forecasted weather is going to be around 1 to 10 Degrees Celsius so it is going to be preeeetty chilly. I am hoping for snow during one of the days I’m there. Okay enough talk let’s get right into it!

Felted Furry Hood Coat [Newlook - £10 (Approx SGD10)]

This coat is SO ADORABLE! I bought it in UK8 and definitely should have sized it up more. It fits just nicely but would be a little tight if I were to wear another 2 layers beneath it. The furry hood is so cute and maybe because I never ever get to wear anything furry in Singapore (I mean like 30 Degrees Celsius every day, seriously?) I do have a furry coat ‘fetish’. The zipper works super smoothly and there are also additional gold buttons which makes the cost look very neat and presentable. 

Faux Shearling Lined Jacket [Forever 21 – USD18.90 (Approx SGD30)]

This jacket isn’t really my style, I usually go for a more feminine and cute look instead of a cool, punk style but I thought I would give this jacket a go since it looks warm and the ratings are good. I would wear this with my Warehouse Infinity Snood over this Jacket to make it more girly. I think it would look cute. Oh! And this jacket sheds fur balls like crazy. Once I took the jacket off after trying it on, there were at least 6 tiny black fur balls all over the floor. So I guess that is a point to note of if you are intending to purchase this jacket. Other than that I think, everything is great. I bought this in a size Medium.

Faux Fur Trim Utility Jacket [Forever 21 – USD18.99 (Approx SGD31)]

I freaking LOVE this jacket. I really do think I have a thing for furry hoods. This jacket has a quilted interior that is so comfy on the skin and yet warm at the same time. Sad news is it is sold out but I will put pictures down below from their website. In F21’s photos, the jacket looks pinkish but in real life it is definitely a beige-taupe colour. The hood is surprisingly a little short. Still adorable but definitely can need an inch or two. I bought this in size Medium.

Sold out! Boo!

Hooded Zip Sweater [Forever 21 – USD20.99 (Approx SGD35)]

This sweater is ADORABLE! It fits at all the right places, is made of very stretchy knit material and is very lightweight. Although it may not be the best sweater during extremely cold days, it is a nice sweater to have. Especially using to layer under jackets without hoods, it will look very cute. I would say it is more of a forest green colour more than olive colour, a very nice & pleasant shade of green. Definitely a must buy. Medium fits me perfectly. Highly Recommend!

H&M Headband [H&M – SGD5]

I bought this knit headband to bring to Korea for the purpose of keeping my ears warm and maybe I can use it to keep my bangs out of my face at night. It is not very stretchy but very warm. For 5 bucks, definitely a steal!

Dr. Martens 1461 Lace Up in Cherry Red [Amazon – Approx USD50 (SGD70)]

I was obsessed with Dr Martens for a period of time now but didn’t want to purchase it directly at the outlet because I couldn’t justify paying SGD$159 for a pair of boots where I can get it way cheaper online. I do think this is a steal since I don’t think you can get it any cheaper than this price other than shoddy sites like Ebay. Do take note that there are fakes everywhere so do your research properly before purchasing them and check them properly after receiving them to see if you have a fake or not. 

How to check for authenticity:

I heard that since 2005 all regular Dr Martens are made in China and countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia so do not fret thinking that yours are fakes because they may not be. For life series (more expensive, has life guarantee) are still made in England. Spot for differences such as the lining around the shoe should be smooth and regular and the bottom of the sole should contain The Original print, the Cross Logo and notices. The surface facing outwards, near to the ankle area should contain the imprint Dr Martens. For AirWair series, the words Dr Martens AirWair is printed. If unsure, compare them to ones at www.drmartens.com/

They are pretty comfortable except that the front part of the leather is pretty hard but I read somewhere that after a week or two of breaking in, the shoe is going to last for years. They contain bouncing soles which is known for their durability and high comfort. I am very excited to wear it out!

Feb 29 Leather Satchel [Feb29 – SGD52]

I wanted to find a good leather satchel for work that matches my Dr Martens and dresses so I went to Feb 29 on February 29 and they were having 29% discount store-wide. I know right. This satchel was originally SGD75 and after the discount it was around SGD52. So it was a great bargain for such a luxurious looking bag. Feb29 is a Singapore brand and if I’m not wrong, they are only available in Singapore. They sell leather goods, from leather satchels to briefcases, belts and also wallets. Their leather products are unisex. My friend raves about this brand so I had to get it. They do not normally have discounts so I was rather lucky.  

 That's all~!

A/N: Sorry for the really dark pictures, my camera wasn’t able to escape the wrath of white balance because of all the dark clothing. I did edit their exposure to be a little lighter. I am coming back soon hopefully with lots of interesting goodies and I will definitely blog everything I experienced there.

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