Haul! Forever21, Newlook, ASOS November 2011

Haul! Forever21, Newlook, ASOS November 2011

Hey guys, this is my monthly haul post which I showcase my loots I got for the whole month of November. Read my previous September post here! As always I will leave the links for all items under their description. Please note that some items are definitely out of stock since I ordered them last month (orders usually take 3 or 4 weeks to arrive) but majority of them should still be available. All the items are from Forever21Newlook and ASOS.

Sorry for not posting in 2 weeks, it has been hectic beyond words, trying to adapt with new people and all so it hasn’t been easy. I’ll definitely make it up to you guys in this post so let’s get into it!

This is all the items I got during this month! 

Birdcage Slub Top (Forever21, US$15.80)

I was definitely impressed by the quality of this top. The details couldn’t be seen in the website’s pictures so I kinda thought it was just plain o’ cotton. But the fabric feels really smooth and durable so I am very happy with my purchase. There were only Large sizes left when I bought it, and I like how it looked all baggy and slouchy on the model so I went ahead and got it anyway. It is a little large on me but its fine. The birdcage details are super adorable!

Birdcage Slub Top is out of stock

Flared Sleeve Georgette Top (Newlook, £6)

This top is such a steal, I got it on the site’s sale section for only £6! Equivalent to SGD$12! The quality is amazing, the cutting is top-notch, looks really expensive (it is actually, original price £24.99), it is just wonderful. The only problem with this is the colour, it looks really pink on the website but it is more of a mauve colour. My camera is picking it up more red, but it is definitely more towards mauve. It is still a pretty colour nonetheless. I ordered it in UK10 and it is a little big on me, I should’ve ordered a size smaller.The ruffles are made so beautifully.

Knit Top Sslv in Rust (Forever21, SGD$25)

I got this when I went shopping at forever21. I fell in love with the fabric instantly. It is not cotton or knit, the texture feels like velvet. Extremely soft and comfortable. The top ends a little short so I consider it a semi-crop. I got it in Medium. 

Ripped Rosebud Top (Forever21, US$10.80)

I got this when forever21.com was having a sale for this particular top. Original price was US$12.80 and I got it for 10.80. I think the top looked cute and the little rose patterns were adorable too. I find the top too ripped though. I know the name already states that it is a ripped top but the extent of the rip was too much. It almost looked like someone tore the shirt. I have long nails and they kept getting caught in the loose fabrics. I got this top in Large.

Basic Knit Tank (forever21, US$2.80 ea)

I was on a lookout for good quality basic spaghetti tops and they were so affordable, I didn’t think twice to get them. I got them in medium because I was worried that they will be too tight on the waist and if I got small and the straps will be too long if I got large. They were REALLY tight around the waist, but the tops are stretchy so there is some leniency there. The straps are a good length and the quality is decent so I do recommend them. 

Striped 3/4 Slv Dress  (Forever21, US$11.50)

This dress looked super cute on the model and it was really cheap. It fits around the body nicely, not too loose or not too tight. The quality of the fabric is a little disappointing. The cotton feels really cheap but for the price, I guess it is justifiable. It ends around mid-thighs, looked absurdly long in my photo. This piece is sold out.

Striped 3/4 Slv Dress is out of stock


ASOS Bridge Detail Cats Eye Sunglasses in the style of Lauren Conrad (Asos, £12.) 

 Left sticker

This is definitely a splurge item. It looked so good on Lauren Conrad so I thought I would get it. I’m kind of on a spectacle craze recently, be it sunglasses or geek specs, I want them all. This looked really good! I really like how they suit my face and the oversize design. The sunglasses looked exactly the same as the pictures. Okay, now onto the bad stuff, it feels pretty cheap. The frame and what do you call that….um…sides (?) are made of plastic and it feels really light. I usually like my sunglasses to have some weight. There is also a distinct 'Made in China' label printed right on one side which i dislike. Oh! And the frames leave fingerprints too. Other than that, it is a fabulous buy.  

River Island Sienna Brown Trim Gold Sunglasses (Asos, £6.50)

River Island imprint on side

Labels still intact

Right sticker

I do not like how it fits my face. I much prefer the Asos sunglasses over this. I got this on sale for only £6.50 so it was definitely a steal. It feels extremely expensive and the original price is £12.99. The sunglasses have a good weight to them and it feels really durable. Fingerprints do not leave obvious marks too. I’m Asian and I do not have a high nose bridge. The glasses do not lie on my nose bridge as comfortably as the Asos one. This piece is sold out.

 That's all!

A/N: Okay, so that’s all with my loots for the month! And I want to thank all my readers for supporting me, my view counts has been increasing even though I am not posting every other day. It means a lot to me and I will definitely keep up with the postings so stay tune!



  1. Awesome loots for this month. I really adore that birdcage top, and the cats eye sunglasses in particular :)

  2. @Tulip Love

    Thank you for your sweet comment! I really love those too! Thank you again for reading my blog! :D