Apple Ipod Nano 1st generation Replacement Program

Have you guys heard of the Ipod Nano 1st generation replacement program? I recently received an email from Apple saying that the batteries of first gen Ipod Nano are defective and are hazardous so they are offering free replacements for all the Ipod Nano. 

I happen to have a 1st gen Ipod Nano that I don’t use anymore because of the battery problem and was bought during 2005 so I am eligible for the replacement program! I went to Wheelock place a few days ago to EService to have my ipod replaced. The lady told me they will call me back 6 weeks later to collect my new ipod.

So this post is dedicated to my Ipod Nano which I will be missing. I’ll update you guys on the process!  

Sorry for missing in action for so long! My exams are coming so please bear with me. I do have some interesting upcoming post so do stay with me!

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