Haul: Stridex, China Glaze, OPI, Majolica Majorca, KATE

Hey everyone! I got a few items over these few days and I thought that I would show it with you guys. There are not a lot of items so i’ll try to keep the post short. 

Firstly this is an item I got off drugstore.com. I was looking for acne combating products that was not a cleanser, toner or moisturizer. I know right…huh? I chance upon this product that is said to be really popular in the states but cannot be found in Asia. I did a little research and these little cleansing wipes has extremely positive remarks. So I bought it! And the product is really cheap too, cost around US$4. I’m currently still trying it out and will write a detailed review some time soon.   

I also got 2 nail polishes. I was pondering really long which polishes I would get because I wanted something different from my regular neutral shades. I got China Glaze’s CG In The City because it is such a beautiful glittery purple, it is absolutely stunning. Looking at the glitters in the bottle makes me feel like I’m gazing into the universe. Super pretty! My photos definitely don’t do it any justice because I do not have a professional camera.

Another OPI to my nail polish collection is Suzi Says Fengshui. It is a beautiful true blue and as all OPI nail polishes goes, the texture is really nice.

Watsons was having a member sale yesterday and oh my god the amount of people was horrendous. I kept walking round and round but there wasn’t anything that I really wanted to purchase. I ended up purchasing only2 items, a Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner (Liquid liner) and Kate Eyeliner brush which is my favourite eyeliner brush for gel liners. 

The Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner was on sale for SGD$10 off the original price which was SGD$22.90. It was quite a steal for a Majolica Majorca product since most of their products are pretty costly. My friend uses this for years and she swears by it so I’ll do a review once I try out the product.

Holidays are coming up and I LOVE Christmas. All the lightings, the candy canes and Christmas trees, the joyous music filling the air, I love it soo much! So I hope you all have a great holiday! Stay beautiful!



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