Clothes Buffet Victoria Jomo Fit All You Can 2 Review

Hey guys! Just wanna update you guys about my virgin trip to a clothes buffet event held by Victoria Jomo and my overall experience. For those who do not know what a Clothes Buffet is, you buy a bag, either SGD$35 (smaller bag) or SGD$55 (bigger bag), and you enter the shop and everything you managed to fit into the bag is considered yours. There are still rules though, you must be able to zip the bag up when exiting if not one piece of clothing must be taken out if the bag cannot be zipped and if the bag is ripped or damaged, you are disqualified and asked to leave. 

I would say it was a really risky experience, because I am unfamiliar with Victoria Jomo and I wasn’t sure about the types of clothes available and the size of the bag. I was afraid that the clothes offered were very kid-dish or bad quality. I was pretty impressed by the quality of the ziplock bag provided. 

I got the smaller bag because I didn’t want to waste 55 bucks on clothes that I might never even wear. When I got there with my friends, the infamous queue wasn’t as bad as I thought. The front counter people weren’t very friendly, but that’s fine with me. The weather was hot, people were sweaty, I can see why they weren’t in a good mood, right? 

We were led to the second floor, okay yelled at, because my friend wanted to go to the first floor initially. The shop person was all ‘No! Second floor!’ and I was like okay, okay geez! First look, I’m disappointed. The clothes were definitely not my style. If you like clothes at Topshop, H&M, Newlook, F21, I do not recommend going to such events.  Little details with excessive patterns. The clothes there were very ‘blogshop’. That is probably the only word I can describe. The quality is pretty decent I would say. There are definitely some good ones which sadly I didn’t get to see. 

There were dresses, tops, belts, jackets, bags (can’t fit in $35 bag), wallets and shoes (only saw a pair).

There were around 6/7 store helpers in the shop deeply lack of space and a lady kept yelling incoherent warnings that I didn’t pay much attention to since we were all busy stuffing clothes into our bag. The atmosphere wasn’t pleasant AT ALL. Everybody was in a hurry, squeezing clothes randomly, digging clothes, sweating buckets, you name it. 

I watched Victoria Jomo’s clothes buffet teaser video recommended by my friend where they showcased some of the clothes available during the event, kind of a preview, and disappointingly only a few of those clothes were available during my time slot.

A good thing was that after the 20 minutes was up, they didn’t force us to leave but waited for us to zip our bags up, which I was grateful for since it was a pain in the butt to zip the filled bag.

Okay below is what I got for SGD$35, I’m not really sure if it is worth it or not, I think that it is really the experience that counts. 

All my loots!

Size of bag

With palm comparison

 Super cute knit cardigan that i just HAD to get! It occupied alot of space though and I found a similar one on Gmarket :(

The hole of the button was badly done, as shown in the picture below.

The t-shirt was definitely a last minute grab. My bag wasn't filled (like to the brim) so my friend told me to quickly grab one more item and so this was the shirt I grabbed.

I love the colourful tribal detailing

 I don't usually wear maxi dresses, i'm more of a shorts girl and this is definitely not a kind I would purchase too. I'm not even sure if i would wear this out. Maybe i'll bring it when i'm going to a beach resort or something. 

Oh! And i did not fit this into my bag, my friend had an empty space and she helped me stuffed this into her bag.

Rubber lining around waist area

Inner lining 

Outer sheer chiffon layer

That's all! Overall I think that I should be treated better as a customer patronizing the event. To me it seems like I was treated as a cheapskate just trying to grab some ‘quality’ clothes. I was rushed, yelled at when I paid 35 bucks (SO glad I didn’t pay $55). Is there a second time? A definite NO. I was deeply disappointed by the standard of products and service. 

In Singapore, service is gold. You ain’t getting my cash if you ain’t treating me well, yea?

Service: 2/5
Product design: 4/5
Product quality: 4.5/5 (pretty decent)

Please do take my review as a pinch of salt; this is truthfully what I experience during the event. I’m really interested of your thoughts about such kind of event and experiences, do tell me in the comments below!

I will NOT recommend to people who :

-Dislike impulse purchasing
- Dislikes queuing
- Preferring quality > quantity
-Shopping in a squeezy area
- Prefers a large variety of clothes to choose from
-Do not like to be rushed

I will recommend to people who :
-Are on a budget
-Quality is not an important factor
-Fond of items sold on Blogshops
-Are not afraid of impulse purchasing 




  1. i've heard about these types of events before, but it doesn't really appeal to me. it seems kind of rushed and stressful, and i don't like the idea of risking $$$ for items i might not even like. though i really like the dress you picked up- very cheery :)

  2. @Tulip Love

    Yea! I thought so too, but i was kinda curious as to how the system works so i was like okay, i'll give it a try. It was horrible, my friend told me her loots have stains and that the labels were fading, she suspects that they are second hand goods so, i personally do not encourage going to such events :D Thank you for you awesome comment!