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Hi guys! Previously I did a mini review on the Vivid Pop Stick #3, since I liked it so much, I went back and purchased 2 more shades. So I currently own 3 shades, namely #2 This Love, #3 Just Dance and #4 Pop Stick Baby. Etude House Vivid Pop Stick is a new lip colour range with 8 matte lip shades. With so many choices, you can definitely find something you like.

<Above> All product twisted up

L - R : #2 This Love, #3 Just Dance, #4 Pop Stick Baby

Most departmental cosmetic brands such as Shu Uemura or Nars have a matte lipstick range, but if you are just trying out different lip colours and do not want to pay the hefty price of $30+ per tube, the Etude House Vivid Pop Stick is the one for you. It retails for S$14.90 per stick, and don't forget to check out their facebook page for any member discounts going on.

The colour and pigmentation is amazing, the colour pay off is exactly the same as swatch. Comes off creamy and opaque, I find that the lighter shade (#2) emphasizes dry patches more compared to the darker shades (#3 & #4) which goes on thick and creamy.

The Vivid Pop Stick leaves a stain so even after heavy meals, the colour will look almost untouched. But remember not to wipe your lips with a tissue as it will remove some of the lip colour off. Dab it on the lips for a more versatile, daily wearable look.   

As always, Etude House always puts in effort in their packaging. The lip product comes in a crayon form that twists to expose more product. The packaging is very sturdy so I'm not afraid of the product breaking off. Lid snaps on well too.

Matte lipsticks can be drying and the Vivid Pop Stick is no different. Whilst it doesn't make your lips look dry and flaky after applying, the product can dry out your lips especially if your lips are sensitive, in 4 hours of wearing. So layer a thin layer of lip balm over the lips to plump up any dry areas.  

Condition the lips after wearing this lip product because it makes my lips peel for the next few days if I leave it alone. Use something thick and moisturizing like Vaseline to deeply hydrate the lips.

Yadda Yadda:
Will I repurchase it? Yes! If you are looking for an affordable matte lipstick, give the Vivid Pop Stick a try! I highly recommend trying out #3, it is a cool pinkish red shade that is very flattering on lighter skin tones. Hot pink is very popular this season, and the Vivid Pop Stick in #4 is a nice cool fuchsia hot pink. I think mixing a layer of #2 and topping it off with #4 will make the perfect wearable hot pink.   

Price: 5/5
Product: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Lasting Power: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5

#3 Just Dance is my ultimate favourite shade, it looks great on fair skinned girls. Which shade has caught your attention? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I love the product! Although you can actually get it for A LOT cheaper on Ebay, cheapest price was like 7$ (free shipping) :c