Topshop Accessories Haul | October (part 1)

Hi guys! Topshop was again having their end-of-season freedom jewelry sale, so I got a few pieces from their accessories section. Topshop's jewelry always awes me, they have very unique, original designs so every girl will definitely find something they like. The buy-one-get-one promotion is still going on right now, so if you find any pieces you like in my post, you can always head down and grab one for yourself.

These pieces are amazingly versatile, I can see myself wearing them from casual outings to wedding dinners. And Topshop accessories have a ton of details which I freaking adore. My favourite piece out of the bunch is the necklace in the middle, I remembered seeing a local artiste wearing it and I thought to myself that I had to have that necklace. I also adore the cord and spike tribal collar necklace (left) and the metal rings gemstone tube necklace (right). They make plain, simple outfits pop. 

The earrings would be perfect matched with a minimalistic long black dress and classy quilted clutch. Great for gatherings or events where you have to dress slightly classier.

I am actually looking for a piece (picture below), I was contemplating getting it before the sale, the original price was S$33 but I didn't get it in the end. Sadly, I couldn't find it during the sale so I was quite bumped. Maybe it wasn't included in the sale or perhaps it went oos. Anyways, isn't it gorgeous? I think it will look fantastic with like a cream cable knit jumper.

I will be going back a few days later to check out if they restocked the racks with any new pieces. I'll update you guys asap, cheers! x

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