Girl Crush | Alexa Chung

So as the title above says, I am having a major girl crush on Alexa Chung at the moment. I have been stalking her on tumblr, twitter and watching all her videos on Youtube. If you are unfamiliar with Alexa Chung, she debuted as a model when she was very young, and is now a tv presenter, fashion magazine editor and a fashion style icon. Her style is very androgynous, comfortable, effortless chic (the whole I-didn't-bother-but-ended-up-fabulous-anyway) and can we all agree that those tousled messy locks looks the best on her? Even her name looks pretty. Life is unfair!

Also, fact of the day, the Alexa bag from Mulberry was named after Alexa Chung. Now I have one more reason to buy a Mulberry Alexa. If I could have a designer bag named after me, I would literally die without regrets.

As they say, to know a girl better, we must first study her wardrobe. So let's take a look at Alexa Chung's closet shall we?

No one does street style like Alexa Chung. She adds a little masculinity to feminine outfits. And most importantly, she always look fresh and put together even after partying all night. Do you have any celebrity crushes? Let me know down in the comments below!


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