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Hey guys! So I rarely buy hair products, but I recently chopped off 5 inches of hair so I wanted to try out some new hair products. I was so sick of my extremely long (waist length) & flat hair, I wanted to add more volume and texture to my straight, boring locks. I am still not quite satisfied with my current hair length (slightly above boobs), I am thinking of going shorter, similar to Alexa Chung's hairstyle.

So anyways I bought 3 hair products specializing in giving hair more volume. My hair is naturally straight and flat, so I am always looking for volumnizing hair products. First product is the Lucidol-L Volume Airy Wax. It is a non-sticky, easy styling wax that contains light yet strong hold powder (silica). Lucidol-L Volume Airy Wax also comes in a bigger container, but I opted for the smaller, cuter bottle to try it out.

Second product is the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray. I have read loads of reviews on these, they make the hair more tousled and messy, give them more texture. I have tried it on dry hair, it does leave a 'grip' in the hair, exactly what it feels like after a day at the beach or swimming in the pool.

Another hair product I got is also from Toni&Guy, it is their volume plumping mousse. It promises to give hair body, bounce and movement. The mousse smells really nice, it reminds me of my dad's deodorant which oodly I really like.

Stay tune for a review on them real soon!

Remember my post on Etude House's Vivid Pop Stick? I went back and got 2 more shades. Plus I bought an additional no.3 stick (my favourite) to giveaway to one of you guys! So stay tune for a giveaway pretty soon!

I got no.2 This Love and no.4 Pop Stick Baby. The description says that no.2 is a hot pink but in my opinion it is more of a wearable bright pink. No.4 is a fuchsia purple hot pink which is great for parties or tone down the colour by dabbing it slightly on the lips.

I freaking adore the Vivid Pop Sticks, their colour payoff is amazing. I love all three colours, I think that they are a must try if you are looking for bright lip colours. I will be doing a review/comparison for all three of them in the next two weeks. (Read review here!)


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