July Fashion Haul [II] | Trying on accessories

Hey guys! So in this second part of the fashion haul post, I will show you guys more close-up shots of the accessories and me trying them on. Read part 1 here. Please enjoy!

Stradivarius Mint Gemstone Necklace

Love the colour combination and how contrasting the necklace is from my black hair and jumper. Beautiful piece and even prettier tried on.

 Lovisa Black Collar Necklace

A very simple collar necklace that adds a bit of excitement in a plain outfit. Lovisa has a ton of similar designs so I love going there to gain inspiration on how to style my accesories.

 Lovisa 5-pc Earring Set

Really cute earrings appropriate for any occasion.

 Bershka Neon Yellow Hair Clip

I think this is a very unique piece because I have never seen a neon yellow one before. I've seen gold and silver ones online but this neon piece really attracted me. And I like how practical and simple this is to use.

Let me know in the comments below which pieces are your favourite! If you have not read part 1, go read it now! Giveaway ends in 1 day, so hurry up and join if you haven't already entered. [Link to giveaway] I'll see you in my next post! Cheers :D


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