Black On Gold Geometric Necklace

Hey guys! Sorry I have been missing out on a few days, I just got my braces on, I went for the ceramic on the top and metal braces on the bottom set because it is cheaper (than ceramics for both sets up & down) and metal brackets doesn't cut as much. For now braces don't really hurt but are quite bothersome when talking and eating.

A few days ago, I received a piece of jewelry from eFoxcity, kindly gifted from them. I have been eying on this piece ever since I browsed through their jewelry catalog. They reached out to me and ask if they could send me 1 item a month and I agreed.

It looks exactly the same as the web pictures and for the price [US$4.41] the quality is pretty decent. The necklace is very lightweight and the design is very trendy. I have even seen this design on local online boutiques going for S$20! Below are some close-up shots taken by me. 

eFoxcity Bi-Colour Hollow Out Triangle Necklace*

If you are interested in this necklace, click here to the page. If you are looking for wholesale clothing, ideas for prom dresses or cocktail dresses, eFoxcity has a wide variety of clothing for your choice. And they ship worldwide too!

If you are on a budget and looking for women's clothing then check the link for $10 deals!

That's all guys, I might do a braces journey post but I really do no wish to gross you guys out with my crooked teeth. I'll see how it goes from here. See you in my next post! Cheers!


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