December Fashion haul | Zara, Cotton On, Forever21

Hey guys! This is my monthly fashion haul for the month of December. I didn't get anything initially but reaching the end of Dec I went shopping and ended up with bundles of shopping bags. I blame year end sales actually. So let's hop on to what I got this month!

 I didn't shop at Forever 21 for quite some time, maybe around 6 months to a nearly a year? Some of their collections just didn't attract me, but F21 have really good stuff these few months. This time I got 2 pieces from them, a pair of tribal shorts and a black t-shirt dress. I love these shorts, they are a eye catching piece yet not too in-your-face. I got it in a S size and it retails for S$39.90. It is a bit on the pricey side for F21 bottoms but I really liked it.

 From Zara, I got this very nice PU leather skirt. I have been on the lookout for a leather skirt for ages. This one in particular has a very soft texture to it, and it fits my body very well without making my bottom too wide which sometimes happen to tight leather skirts. And I liked the skirts' functional zipper details, a nice touch to a otherwise rather plain design.  

My second piece from Forever21 is a maxi t-shirt dress. It reaches to my ankles and fits my body so well. You know sometimes maxis made of like a thin viscose material tends to stick to the body and emphasize on not only the fabs but also the flabs making it look very unattractive. This t-shirt maxi dress is made from cotton material so it isn't too bodycon. But it feels really nice quality, like a soft cotton blend material. I got the dress for S$27 and in a size S.

From Cotton On, I got another two maxi dresses at S$15 each (originally around S$30). They are made of soft cotton and also reach my ankles thank god for my height. They aren't the best of quality but for the price I really cannot complain much, I am going to pair the grey maxi with my Esprit denim jacket and it will look sweeeet. I got the black one in S and the grey one is XS because there were no smaller sizes left. The black dress is around 1 inch longer so I may have to get that altered. 

Also from Cotton On, I saw that they had the charity shopper bags with cute rabbits printed on them. Of course I had to get it, and I was doing something good as well so why not. They are not suitable for carrying heavy materials such as books, groceries because their handles are so paper thin, they would break immediately. But they are great for storing clothes/accessories that you don't wear anymore and you are helping out the community, which is always very meaningful. 

Okay thank you for reading! I'll see you in my next post!

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