Just Ordered | Soeurs.co

Hey guys! So following the whole holiday festive vibe, I have been shopping A.LOT. I haven't been shopping online lately so there is a lack of Just Ordered post. BUT, I just purchased 2 items from Soeurs.co. They are a based in Singapore founded by two sisters. I really like their website because they carry a lot of monochrome, black/white clothing which is the trend/style I am literally living in right now. So I usually follow their new collections very closely and very frequently I see something I like.

I saw a Japanese model wearing a similar Houndstooth Knit Tank in a Japanese magazine previously and I loved how she dressed it. She had long black wavy hair with red lips, very trendy and very seductive. Sadly it is sold out currently but click the join waiting list and maybe they would bring it back on the website. 

I fell in love at first sight with the second piece which is their satin Marble Print Blouse. I have been looking for a very nice satin blouse for a long time, and I absolutely love the marble design for this blouse. I really think it looks great on any body type, and it makes you look very feminine and sexy and very Alexa Chung.

Check Soeurs.co out, I love their website and I'll update you guys when the items arrive! 


*This is not a sponsored post*