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Hey guys! I just ordered underwear wait what? swimmable underwear from Underwear of Sweden. I have been looking for a good support, padded bikini for as long as I can remember. For girls who has great assets, I envy you because you probably can live without padded bikini. For girls like myself, who is lacking a wee bit in the female frontal area, a little boost is godsend. 

First time hearing of swimmable underwear? Apparently, swimmable underwear is just undies made of swimsuit material (nylon & spandex) and it has fast drying capabilities. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me! 

 (Photo credits: lucyandtherunaways)

 (Photo credits: lucyandtherunaways)

I love the pattern on this. Very contrasting and unique. I also like how the cups are bigger so no accidental nip slips that may happen with a triangle bikini top. I ordered it off Singsale, which had a Underwear of Sweden event a couple of days ago. It was only S$29 for the whole set so amazing bargain for such a nice design (includes 2 straps, a halter bikini strap and a regular bra strap). I will have to judge the quality myself when the bikini set arrive, but from the pictures above, it looks amazing on the model. Fingers crossed that the sizes are right, with bikini sizes you really don't know how it looks until you try it on. Hopefully everything goes well! I'll update you guys when it arrives!  

Check out this particular design here.


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