November Fashion Haul | Taylor Kit, F21, Vero Moda

Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of posts, I had a few tests the past week so all I have been doing was studying my ass off. I am planning an awesome giveaway for you guys which it is coming right up so stay tune for that. I am really late on November's fashion haul so let's get right into it now!

Surprisingly I didn't get any accessories this month, I haven't been shopping much either, since I have been pretty much busy with school work. But on the occasional times I went shopping, I did get some interesting pieces.

I stopped by Forever 21 and boy can I say that I am in love with their current collections. There were many times where I came out of the store empty handed and feeling slightly disappointed because there wasn't anything I liked, but not this time because they have really awesome pieces in stores right now. I am planning to go back sometime next week maybe? When I have the time I will make a trip back just to make sure I'm not missing out on any goodies. <- how you know you are a shopping addict. 

I got a nice chiffon checkered/plaid shirt for S$33. I look nasty in plaid, I have no idea why but every time I try on a cotton plaid shirt, it does not look good on me. But surprisingly, I look pretty dang good in a chiffon version. I have no idea why, maybe it's the colour scheme, maybe it is the material, if you see this in stores, grab it. I highly recommend.

Also I got a cute black/white chiffon maxi skirt for S$27. Black and white stripes have been the trend for awhile now but I have never followed this particular trend closely. I feel that black/white stripes broaden my hips and are just too contrasting for me. But what is so unique about this skirt is the differing stripe sizes, are you can tell the white stripes are a lot thinner than the black stripes. It looks a lot more subtle, toned down and looks amazing with a plain black tank top. 

Moving on to Taylor Kit, they are a local boutique selling normal 'blogshop' range prices. I very coincidentally chanced upon their clearance event at Anchor Point one day after shopping at IKEA with my dad. And their prices were slashed to around S$10-$15. Of course I could not stop myself and bought 2 pieces (both free size). I have not heard of Taylor Kit before but both pieces I got have really decent quality.

I got a nice simple dress that is cut a little inwards in the shoulder area, very appropriate for school/work and the bodycon fit is very figure flattering, of course not that flattering after a meal. I wore this once with a nice statement pair of earrings to really spice up the look. Reduced to S$10!   

The second piece I got is a royal blue chiffon maxi dress, I am not sure where I will be wearing this because I don't have any formal events coming up any where soon, but hey I thought that it was a nice piece to have. I mean every girl needs a blue maxi dress right? <- how you know you are a shopping addict part 2. Anyways the quality is amazing and the colour, ugh is just irresistible and it was only S$15 so why not.

Unknown to the majority of the local people here, there is actually a Vero Moda outlet store in the West side of our tiny shores. They carry outdated, clearance items and basic t-shirts which I like to go for. I got this Vero Moda V-neck tee shirt for around S$13.90 and the quality is UH-mazing. Very soft cotton that does not go out of shape and the material feel very heavy, so definitely a staple piece to have.

From Scape, I got this pair of leather shorts. You know how it is with leather shorts, they are literally everywhere but you just can't find the perfect, most flattering one. I can't say that I have found the one, because this pair of leather shorts are on the poofy side and I hate it. I don't dislike it enough to stop wearing it though, but it bothers me. It is S$26.90 and other than the poofiness, the quality is pretty decent.

Last but not least, a midi skirt from H&M. It is very figure hugging so I am not sure how I am going to wear it. Maybe with a loose knit jumper over it? And the material is quite thick so I am confident that there will not be any accidental VPL (Visible Panty Line). The skirt is S$24.90 and I think I got it in size xs.

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's haul and I will see you in my next one! Cheers!


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