Essence Floral Grunge 05 Black To The Roots

Remember a year ago I did a nail polish post on China Glaze's CG In The City topped over Revlon's 919 Black Lingerie? Click here to read. This nail polish is like a combination of the 2 in just 1 bottle. It is a black nail polish with silver glitters in it. It has a 'The Rough' sticker on it which means that it dries to a textured surface. This one dries matte, I didn't really care for the finish so I applied Seche Vite topcoat over it. I do like how it came out, very sultry. Essence Floral Grunge range retails for S$3.50 at Watsons. It chips 3-5 days, definitely does not last as long as brands like OPI or CG so what you pay is what you get, but for 3.50 I think it is a good price to just try out different colours. I would say that this is one of my favourite Essence nail polishes that I own currently so I highly recommend you guys check it out! 

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