Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Swatches

There are a total of 8 shades in the Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Range.

 There are a few steps to this Lipnicure process. A primer to retain moisture and keep the lip surface smooth and hydrated. A concealer to make the Lipnicure colour more vibrant (This product is not available in Watsons Singapore currently). Thirdly, apply the colour (Lipnicure). And finally to make the surface all glossy and shiny, one can choose to add a 'Top Coat'.   

There are only 6 shades available at Watsons and retails for S$25.90 each. I've also swatched the lip primer and top coat but they are not very visible since they are transparent. The Lipnicure dries matte. I have not tried it on my lips but I can see it being very, very long lasting because after swatching I could only remove it completely after washing my hand with soap twice! So the Lipnicure range is great for party nights where you want your sultry red/fuchsia lip to last the entire night without budging. I would love to try #2Nasty Pink, #3Crime Pink and #7Tension Red. Such lovely shades!

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