MAC Eye Kohl pencil eyeliner in Smolder

Review for MAC kohl pencil eyeliner in Smolder

Today I’m reviewing a MAC product! It’s the MAC kohl eyeliner in Smolder. I bought it during about a month ago and I feature it in my collective haul post. It is raved by Stylesuzi who is a makeup guru on Youtube and also many other beauty bloggers. 

On MAC website:
A soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish. Ophthalmologist tested.



Extremely creamy! Oh my gosh this goes on like a wonder. Glides on effortlessly and is very opaque. I really LOVE the texture and shade it gives. It is an opaque black and easy to apply. No tugging of eyelids is needed and with this pencil eyeliner, thin and thick lines can be easily achieved. The lines are very easy to remove, two swipes of my Mandom Cleansing Express and it is almost gone. There is a lot of product in the pencil so you can be assured that you are getting a reasonable amount of product for the price. So props to that! It is inexpensive, many drugstore brand are sold at a higher price (in Singapore) than MAC products (online) so I highly recommend purchasing online IF you are buying from a reliable website such as the MAC website


This eyeliner smudges like crazy. The staying power is definitely a huge letdown. 1 hour and I look like a ridiculous raccoon. It last only around 1 hour on my lower lids (do take note that I have extremely oily lids). My eyeliner usually don’t smudge on my upper eyelid but it did transfer to my under eyes. Even after setting it with a matte black eyeshadow, it still smudged. I usually apply it around 8am and at around 6 or 7pm, the line is almost vanished. It loses its vibrancy and opaqueness and does not adhere to the skin as well. So, you may want to bring along your pencil eyeliner for touch ups. I highly recommend using a eye primer under it.

Yadda Yadda:

I bought this for SGD$22.00 approx online. Overall I do think that it is a good product except for the staying power. Will I repurchase? No, solely because of its poor lasting power. I am interested in purchasing Urban Decay’s 24hr pencil and the Milani one as I heard really good raves about them so I may forgo repurchasing this. Have you guys tried any MAC pencil eyeliners? Are they good? Tell me your thoughts!

Packaging: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Lasting Power: 2.5/5
Overall rating: 3.5/5 Stars  



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