Fashion Forward with Anonymous Reviews #1!

Today, I’m going to try to do fashion picks of the week or month. I am always surfing clothing sites to update on the latest trends and find good bargain, so I thought to myself, why not do fashion posts on my favourite picks for a website? These pieces will be from different categories and websites. This week’s fashion picks are from


Beautiful vibrant colours, very suitable for the autumn season. You can dress up or down with this dress, appropriate for casual outing, or a fun night out. This dress is super affordable with a price tag of USD$11.80. I am super tempted to get this dress right now. 

A collar blouse is a must for students and working adults. This uber cute sheer blouse is perfect for informal presentations and office ladies. Many chiffon sheer blouses may look droopy, lazy and untidy but this blouse will give a neat appearance. This blouse is light on the wallet; it costs USD$15.80. 

This cardigan is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe! If not for the pricier cost, I will get ordering it immediately. Its thin material is suitable for the hot weather in Singapore and very appropriate for students. The cardigan cost USD$19.80. 

Striking geometrical shapes with tribal designs. This piece is very exquisite and definitely a statement piece. This earring cost USD$5.80.

Sexy sultry bandage skirt that is great for going out at night. Paired with heels, all the guys are prepared to be swooned! Bandage skirt cost USD$7.90. 

Flora, girly, flirty all-in-one, what more can one ask for? Lovely bracelet great for giving the outfit more ‘oomph’! I’ve been really into chunky bangles recently and this is perfect. This bangle cost USD$5.80. 

Seems like geometrical and tribal patterns are the trends now. This bangle will go very well with black outfits such as maxi dresses and heels. This bangle cost USD$8.80.

This pair of earrings is elegant and glamorous. These are a cheaper alternative to real pearl earrings. They can ‘glam’ up an outfit for a formal party or even during normal office days. This cute pair of earrings costs USD$3.80. Supper affordable! Their names are cute too, ‘Socialite Studs’! 


These are just few of my current favourite picks, there are so many stuff I adore that unlikely can fit into one post, unless it’s 18 pages long. And again I am not sponsored or anything, I just thought it will be fun to do more fashion posts instead of just reviews solely. This is my first try so please be nice :D. I only featured forever21 products in this post but I will definitely feature more sites such as Topshop, Yesstyle, H&M in future posts. So please stay tune! I’ve added links for each products so you guys can check out more of the product’s information.

A/N: I wish I can buy them all! 

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