Sally Hansen’s Nail Miracle Growth Salon Strength

Review for Sally Hansen’s Nail Miracle Growth Salon Strength

Hey guys long time no chat! Today I’m going to do a review for Sally Hansen’s Miracle Nail Growth. Firstly, I have been a nail biter since birth therefore my nails are brittle and thin. And when you bite your nails grow very oddly as in the whites of the nails are not as opaque and are not as white as a non nail biter's. 

The product promises to strengthened nails and increase nail growth up to 30% in 5 days.


This stuff dries instantly! This Nail Miracle Growth can be used as a base coat and top coat so it is a multi-function product with many benefits. The texture of this product is more of a watery texture than a sticky texture which is what I LOVE about Sally Hansen’s nail product. Easy application, no bubbles, feels really thin, may drip if too much product is on the brush due to its watery texture but not really a problem for me.


It is really pricey in Singapore! A small bottle costs SGD$17.50 at Watsons. I may opt for ordering from a spree in future as it is so much cheaper from US websites such as The last time I checked the nail miracle cost US$9 on the website so you can really see a price difference. However with shipping costs and handling fees, the savings are limited.

The effectiveness is okay, I didn’t find a significant difference in growth. The difference is only very minute and can hardly consider as rapid. I have slow growing nails so maybe it did increase growth by 30%, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people with normal growing speed nails. 

Yadda Yadda:

I bought this for SGD$17.50 at Watsons. Will I repurchase? No. Simply because the results aren't significant at all and the price is too ridiculous for its effectiveness. Have you tried any nail growth products? How did they fare?

Price: 2/5
Packaging: 5/5
Brush applicator: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
Effectiveness: 2/5
Overall ratings: 3.5/5



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