My favourite Cotton pads + storage

My favourite Cotton pads and how I store them

Cotton pads are very essential for my everyday life. I get uneasy when I run low on them therefore I stock them up like crazy. I use cotton pads everyday for removing my makeup, applying toner, removing nail polishes and other handy jobs that a tissue paper wouldn’t do.

My favourite brand is from Watsons. I’ve tried Daiso ones but I find them to be a bit expensive because for 2 bucks you only get a small box of cotton pads. I’m not that picky about the quality side, as long as it does not scratch my face and sheds when soaked, I’m fine with it. 


I love how it separates well. I hate how some cotton pads are produced where there is no separation and you don’t know where the line is and when you try to separate them, they fuzz up and make a big mess. The Watson’s one are not like that, they separate easily. 

The cotton pads does not turn yellow when stored for a long period of time which is good because cotton pads with yellow patches are just gross and contains bacteria. 

 It feels smooth on the face, doesn’t scratch or shed which is very important if you have sensitive skin. Unlike cotton balls which in my opinion soaks up too much unnecessary product, these Watsons cotton pads are thin and absorbs just enough product. 

It is so super cheap. It comes in an individual pack and packs of 3 (picture below). I usually stock them up when there is a sale and you get 2 3-packs for SGD$7.00 approx. 6 packets for 7 bucks! I think it is a really great deal for such a good product. These 6 packets can last me for months. 

They have changed their formula (? You know what I mean) recently and I will post pictures below showing you guys the difference. The old version is fluffier and the new version is thinner and more compact. I love the new version even more, it doesn’t shed and it feels higher quality. I like thin cotton pads as they do not absorb too much of my toner which is good especially if your products are expensive.

This is how I store them. I keep them in plastic containers for easy retrieval and to keep them dry at all times. This type of containers can be bought from Daiso in Singapore for 2 bucks.  

Watsons are like all over Asia. It is our drugstore and since the cotton pad is a house brand (meaning Watsons produce it), you can definitely find it in all Watsons stores. Have you guys tried any type of cotton pads? Which do you like best?

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