Fashion Forward with Anonymous Reviews #2!

Remember our last Fashion Forward #1? Today I am featuring Yesstyle. For those who are not familiar with Yesstyle, it is a online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of lifestyle and fashion products from Asia. They provide a wide range of brands and products for women and men. I browsed through the website and the following are my fashion picks from the site! There wasn't much stuff that I really loved, just because the nice items were really expensive and the more affordable ones were similar to stuff that I've seen multiple times.


Lacy tank top with beautiful lacing details, very appropriate for school and hot weathers. The tank top can be tucked in for a different chic look. Casual and easy to match! The top costs US$20.00
Sheer Lace Long Tank Top  

Girly chiffon blouse with lace detailing. I find lace to be very common in Asian clothing and I do love it very much. The material looks very comfy and sweet and is suitable for any occasion! The blouse costs US$25.00.
Lace Back Chiffon Top 

 As you guys can already tell, I love love love chiffon material. Just because it is lightweight, is suitable whether in the office or school, and this material tends to make sweating less noticeable. Yes, it is gross when your pits get real sweaty and your shirt gets all soaked, that is why I stay far away from greys as it intensifies the variation of colours when wet. I like how the patterns and colours stand out on this piece. This blouse costs US$22.50

Another really trendy colour is mint together with mustard colour this past season. And I love all pastel colours; they look so adorable and feminine to me. This sleeveless chiffon blouse is very suitable for students even during presentations and I love how this lady matches it with the cardigan, it looks even more amazing. This piece costs US$21.00.

I love the design of this pair of sandals, I actually saw a similar pair of sandals in Malaysia but I didn’t buy it as the leather was a little flimsy and the buckle wasn’t secure. The straps look really high quality and sturdy and both colours complement the gold detailing really well. This pair of sandals cost US$45.00.
Buckled Strappy Sandals

This pair of heels looks very comfortable and pleasant looking. I like the design and cutting, simple yet elegant. I usually do not like the design of my shoes to be too unnecessarily loud, I like to keep it to a minimal. The platform beneath the sole isn’t too high, which is good as it will not make the shoe unsteady when walking. I will not recommend ladies with feet that are wide sideways as the shoe may not fit snugly. It costs US$48.00.
Platform Cut-Out Heels

Similar to the previous pair of heels, this pair looks very cute, almost cartoon-ish? And it has a really adorable Velcro zap which is sturdy and you wouldn’t worry that straps will break off. A very adorable pair of heels that matches any outfit of the day. It costs US$46.80.

This is kind of a love it or hate it product. I like that it looks really expensive and branded. If you guys can’t tell, the bag’s material is supposedly ostrich skin. It is obviously not authentic but still highly identical. So if you can’t afford branded exotic skin bags, go for something like this. I like the size and the shape and it will be one of those bags where everyone goes ‘where did you get that from?!’ This bag is on the more expensive side and costs US$118.00.

I love colour blocking bags and the one above is highly similar to the bag I’m carrying right now though mine is in leather. I like the wash, the acid-washed lines that make the bag looks rugged and cool. In my opinion, it can be carried by both genders too! It cost US$88.00.

This is a lovely windbreaker/ trenchcoat/ jacket whatever you call it, it is beautiful! I really want to own one of this kind of coat but it is so unsuitable for the Singapore weather. This is a MUST-bring if you ever go overseas, together with beanies and boots.  I still do want to own it though! I can wear it during raining days or when the weather is cold. It costs US$105.00.
Drawstring-Waist Wrap-Front Parka


Hope you guys like it! These are some of my favourite picks from Yesstyle. And again I am not sponsored, paid or anything, I just thought it will be fun to do more fashion posts instead of just reviews solely. I’ve added links for each products so you guys can check out more of the product’s information. 

Fashion Foward #1



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