MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Review for MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Hey babes! Today I’m reviewing the MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation posted in one of my collective haul post. I’ve used powder foundation when I was a lot younger, maybe during 15-17 years old. Back then my skin condition was perfect, no acne or spots. Then gradually, I was introduced to the whole new world of foundations and BB creams. During my teens, ZA powder was my everyday powder. It was highly raved by many bloggers such as Xiaxue, etc, and it is a not bad product. It is super affordable and comes in wide selection of colours. I will probably do a separate post on ZA powder foundation.


It does have good coverage considered that it is a powder, at least better than the ZA two-way cake powder foundation. But a powder foundation can only give that much coverage you know what I’m saying, compared to liquid foundation. I would still rate it as a light coverage powder foundation. The powder will not cover any scarring, spots, or dark under eye circles and I will not recommend using over a medium-heavy liquid foundation to set it. 

Compact is not filmsy at all, extremely high quality. It opens and locks very well and is the size of a palm, making the grip more stable and less likely to drop. Has a mirror and sponge applicator for any on-the-go touch ups. The sponge under the powder product is very high quality, though I prefer using a brush. I find the powder great for days where I am too lazy to apply foundation/BB creams. 


Many reviews said that this powder foundation looks cakey. And yes it does, but only if you over apply it. I will suggest dusting it on the face in layers so you do not overdo it. Once you feel that the coverage is there, stop immediately as this powder can get extremely cakey. 

Another con when I used this product was that it does not control oiliness at all. After an hour or two, my nose area was already shinning from the oils. So touch ups/ blotting is a must when using this product.
The powder contains silica which many are sensitive to so do take note. On Makeupalley, many reviewers state that this product breaks them out as well as many other MAC foundations. I didn’t notice any break outs or irritations. The average rating on MUA is 3.7/5. 

Since it is a MAC product, price will be another con. It costs USD$26.50 on the website. If I’m not wrong it goes up to SGD$47.00 in Singapore MAC outlets. It is pretty expensive compared to drugstore brands powder foundations, considering that they more or less work the same. Some reviewers said that the amount can last a good year so the price is reasonable I guess.

Yadda Yadda:

I paid SGD$35 (approx) for this product at MAC website. I use shade NC25.  Will I repurchase? Probably yes, if I ever finish using up the whole product. What do you guys think about this product? A hit or a miss for you?

Packaging: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Lasting power: 4/5 (product does oxidizes)
Overall rating: 4/5

A/N: Sorry for not posting anything for the past few days, I’ve been having high fever for the past several days and was literally bed-ridden until today. I was having this major headache where it felt like someone was constantly slapping my forehead. I vomited my guts out yesterday and I am feeling so much better today so I feel that I should post something up.




  1. I've been debating if I should get this or not. It is quite pricey. Thanks for the review!

  2. Do try it! It can be a little expensive but it lasts for ages and drugstore makeup isn't that cheap in Asia too. So I definitely recommend spending a little more and getting a better brand. Thank you for reading!

  3. Whooops! I totally forgot to direct the above comment to MSodapop, silly me

  4. One of the brand and the colors suits very well for Asian skin, they have a quite range to choose from.

  5. @Nava.K

    Which brand are you refering to? MAC or the ZA powder foundation? I think ZA too has quite a wide range of colours suited for Asian skin as they are a Asian brand :)

  6. wht do you recommend to hide the dark circles? i'm a light brown.

  7. @fanny

    Hello! I personally use ZA's concealer to conceal my dark circles. It has a watery texture and looks very natural but it does not have great coverage. My dark eye circles are not very apparent so it does the job for me.

    I also have another concealer that i use frequently which is the MAC's Studio Finish Concealer but i don't recommend it if you have mild dark circles as it emphasizes fine lines and appears cakey. The studio finish concealer does a good job at concealing scars, spots and extremely apparent dark circles.

    Hope it helps! :)