Just Ordered | Lambretta Franco Silver Mesh Watch

I have a very small collection of watches. My everyday watch is the one I bought from Korea which has sadly ran out of battery and sometimes I wear slightly flashy ones like my gold Casio watch and rose gold watch from Lovisa. I tend to go for watches with a more simple, minimalistic look rather than ones with bold colours.

I just placed an order for the Lambretta Franco Silver Mesh Watch which fell in love at first sight. I love the simplicity of this watch, the white on black colour combination. I also am really into the mesh strap design, it really makes the watch a conversation piece.

Lambretta watches come in many different colours and I was without a doubt attracted to the black and white Franco watch. Love that the design is feminine yet has a tint of masculinity in it. The only downside is that I probably have to get the strap adjusted so hopefully I can get my handyman dad to help fix it.

I'll let you guys know what I think about the watch when it arrives! Cheers!


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