Luxury buys - LANVIN ECLAT D'ARPEGE perfume

Hey guys! I'm back from my break now so I will be updating very often, hopefully a post a day *fingers crossed*. I am also very ill at the moment, my body functions very differently, some people get acne when they are stressed or insomnia but I get very sick whenever I'm stressed. So I'm writing this blog post with a huge tissue box right by my side.

I bought my all time favourite perfume - the ECLAT D'ARPEGE by LANVIN. It has one of the most unforgettable scent to it that is very unique, most people that I know were all pleasantly surprise by the scent. It is hard to describe the scent since I don't think I have came across a similar scent anywhere before, websites says that it is fruity-floral perfume but I really don't think it smells fruity or floral in particular. It does smell very delicate and sophisticated. 

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! The exquisite looking glass bottle resembles an exotic potion filled with beautiful lilac liquid. The outer shell makes everything look like a exhibition piece. 2 thumbs up! The only down side is that it is quite expensive.

I haven't heard of a negative reaction to the eclat d'arpege, so if you guys are looking for one that has a mild, soft scent, I highly recommend you guys to take a whiff of it at perfume stores. I got the 100ml bottle and it ranges from about S$100-$130 depending on where you get it. You can get it from here.

I'll see you guys in my next post!


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