Snips and Bits #6 - Outfits, Zara sandals

Just a quick outfit summary over the month of April. I am still down with flu and coming up with a bad sore throat, being sick really sucks! Whenever I cough, the people surrounding literally flee.
If you're interested to know more about any individual outfit, links are from left to right in clockwise position.
Outfit 1, outfit 2, outfit 3, outfit 4.

I've been really into the monochrome theme lately so below are 2 pairs of ZARA sandals that I have really been thinking of getting. I am geared towards the black & white one but the yellow one is great as a pop of colour whenever I am wearing dull shade. Let me know in the comments below which colour to pick!  I'll see you guys soon! Sorry for the short post! Cheers!


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