Watsons and Guardian Haul! More LA Girl & Face Mask!

Watsons and Guardian Haul! More LA Girl & Face Mask!

Hey Hey Hey! I’m back with another haul! Made a trip down to my local Shopping Mall and did some cheap makeup hunting and market research maybe? Heh! I’m trying to find more beauty products so that I can review on this blog. It’s something I got to know recently after establishing this blog that I really enjoy doing reviews. Even if it takes up a lot of time (1 hour for writing the review, 1 hour for taking and watermarking pictures) and I also need to proofread and check for any missing points. I am naturally a really slow writer and a huge technology newb, so please pardon any little errors here and there. 

Tell me how I got so side tracked, okay on to the haul. 

I went to Watsons first and there were nothing interesting to be honest, no discounts, and no new products. Oh! Talking about new products, Dolly Wink eyelashes are sold in Watsons now. Not sure about the price though (not stated on products or shelves), should be around SGD$20 to SGD$30. I’m not really onto the Dolly Wink hype, I think it’s absurdly overpriced, and for the same price there are probably better quality products out there. I heard the eyelashes are really pretty so I’m quite tempted to try. Sponsor me Dolly Wink? Meh, don’t think they will. 

-Side tracked again!!! Someone hit me please-

Okay so I couldn’t find anything I wanted at Watsons and yet I didn’t want to leave empty handed so I bought face masks that were on sale for SGD$2 (original price $4 approx). Then I went to Guardian and I my eyes went from ‘o.o’ to ‘O.O!’ LA Girl cosmetics were on sale! They weren’t on sale but I think kinda like closing down sale? because the remaining products were so limited (only lipsticks and pencil eyeliners left) the thought kinda flew into my head. I’m guessing Guardian does not import LA Girl products anymore, just like how they stopped importing NYX products. Therefore the remaining unsold LA Girl Products are sold at such cheap prices. BUT!! I may be wrong.  

So I was like ‘YAAHHOOO’ and grabbed 2 more of my favourite LA Girl LC536 Secret Admirer lippy which I will do a review later on. I also bought 2 LA Girl Pencil Eyeliners in P601 Black and P602 Brown-Black. Lipstick cost SGD$10 and eyeliner cost SGD$5 each. Pretty. Freaking. Amazing. Right?! So now all you peeps know about this sale, get off your chair and go snag some cheap makeup now! 

Okay I need to end this really long post now. Photos will be posted below! 

Masks (below)

 Whitening deodorant and LA Girl lippy in Secret Admirer and LA Girl eyeliner in Black and Brown-Black (below)

Products solo shots (below)

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