Review for Snail Street Ac Trouble Mask

Review for Snail Street Ac Trouble Mask

I recently signed up at The Sample Store. I read about it at a beauty blog that The Sample Store is a website that provides free samples for people to try out. After trying out the products you want to write a short review on the free sample to earn more points. The points will allow you to redeem more samples to try out. I always get the samples with free delivery because with more popular/ expensive product samples, you are required to pay the delivery with cost around SGD$2. Oh! I forgot to say that The Sample Store is a Singapore website so I’m not too sure if they deliver outside Singapore. I am not affiliated or sponsored by this website, I just happened to chance upon it and now I’m testing it out. 

I will keep trying out this website and give a better website review in the future. 

This is my first product I redeem at the website. Information about the mask:

AC Trouble Mask is a skin care mask sheet made from nature’s simplicity to help revitalize your skin. A gentle nourishing mask that treats acne.

AC Trouble Mask’s benefits:
  • Softens and dissolves existing scar lesions and damaged tissues
  • Rebuilds collagen and elastin levels
  • Contains Helix Aspersa extract & enriched essence which helps to brighten and revitalize troubled skin.
  • Glycolic acid & natural allantoin ingredients helps to remove keratin, sebum, minimizing pores.
  • Assists skin cell regeneration, helps cure troubled skin & acne problems.
  • Mask is made of cotton like material and does not irritate the skin.
  • Provides nutrition to the skin with moisturizing effect.
  • Helps to brighten skin.

AC Trouble Mask is made from:
  • Tea tree oil & mung beans for sebum control
  • Rice bran extract for moisturizing skin
  • Helix Aspersa filtrate scientifically proven to assist skin regeneration
  • No artificial coloring or fragrance
  • No alcohol content
  • Cotton material smooth on skin

  • Use AC Trouble Mask once or twice a week depending on your skin’s condition
  • Cleanse face before applying AC Trouble Mask
  • Remove mask after 20-30minutes application on clean skin
  • Wash face

The packet says that the mask contains snail extracts.Wait a minute, snails? Like real, freaking snails?? The first reaction I was like ‘Whuutt?! I’m not putting any snails near my face!’. There were no other information so up till now i have no idea if it really contains snail extracts.

Firstly, when I opened the packet, I was overwhelmed by the smell, yes it does not contain fragrance but the tea tree oil in the face sheet was SO strong! So be warned peeps, if you dislike the scent of tea tree oil, or are sensitive to strong smells, I will not recommend using this face mask. 

I did not notice any brightening of the skin or reduction in pimple size. I will not consider this face mask moisturizing because I have used way more moisturizing facial masks before. My Holy Grail face mask is My Beauty Diary Face Mask which I will probably do a review later on. 

I applied this mask on for only 25 minutes because this is the first time I’m using this brand of mask and I do not want it to crap up my face. The mask feels minty on, it’s like as if my face ate a fisherman’s friend. Not sure if you guys get what I mean though. I wouldn’t say my face felt hot, just a tingly, cooling feeling. This is the first time I experienced using a mask like that, it may be due to the effect of the tea tree oil but I really do not like it one bit. It does not sting or irritate my skin and I’ll give it a plus for not containing alcohol. The mask is really thick and quite hard to unfold but it happens with many other masks too.

After 25 minutes I took it off and my face was red! I thought I had rashes and immediately washed my face with water. After a few minutes my face got back to normal (phew). I do not know what caused the mild redness so please do not be alarmed when that happens. Please note that I’ve only used this facial mask once (I’m only sent one piece) therefore I cannot judge its performance on acne reduction or lightening of scars.

It is available at Selected Guardian Outlets Suntec, Raffles City, Paragon, Tanglin Mall, ION, 313 Somerset, Plaza Singapura, Centrepoint, Northpoint, Jurong Point, IMM, Serangoon NEX &

Will I repurchase? No. It did nothing to my face and is not even moisturising. You may want to try out the mask if you have acne problem but overall I will not recommend it. Net weight was not stated on the packet. Ratings: 1/5 Stars. 

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