Review for Majolica Majorca Eye Reset Gel

Review for Majolica Majorca Eye Reset Gel

I got this Eye Reset Gel together with my Majolica Majorca Mascara because I read reviews that the Mascara is a bitch to remove. And I tested the Mascara with my Holy Grail makeup remover Mandom Cleansing Express and true, it took really long to soften and remove the Mascara. The Majolica Majorca Eyes Reset Gel is a gel-based eye makeup remover that is said to be able to remove stubborn and hard-to-budge eye makeup

Remember my eyebrow from the previous post

After 20 seconds (below)


It does what it claims, it removes makeup rapidly and is able to remove stubborn mascara and lash glue. It comes in a squeeze tube with a small nozzle so you are able to get a good control with the amount of product you need. A squeeze tube is also more hygienic. The price is fairly reasonable as the product can last a long time. You need only a pea size of gel remover for each eye. The gel is translucent white and has no fragrance


I had high hopes for this product and I felt that its effectiveness did not meet up to my expectation. The time for the gel remover to soften the mascara and lash glue is longer than I had expected and even after removing the gel using a cotton pad, there are still traces of mascara left on my eyelashes. I always have to repeat twice before all eye makeup is removed. The effectiveness did not differ significantly from my Mandom Cleansing Express makeup remover

When using this gel remover, it may get a little messy as it states to gently massage the gel to aid in removing eye makeup so you do get dirty panda eyes. I always scare the crap out of myself when I look into the mirror.  

Also, when using this product, there is a translucent white film covering the eyes and makes everything blurry. My eyes could not focus and even washing out the entire gel remover, the white film still exists. I do not know what it is or how did it happens and it kinda freaks me out a little. The white film disappears after 2 minutes of removing the entire gel remover from the eyes.

Yadda Yadda:

The Majolica Majorca Eyes Reset Gel is available at Watsons stores. I paid S$9.90 for a 30ml of product. Will I repurchase? No. The gel remover is hassle to use (you need cotton pads, water, rubbing of eyelids, invisibility for 2 minutes) and did not seem that effective in removing stubborn eye makeup. I will continue to finish up this current tube but will not repurchase. Rating: 2.5/5 stars. Do you guys like it? Did it leave a white cast to your eyes like it did to mine? Share your thoughts! 

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